Monday, January 30, 2012

Love & Beauty - Sea Stars = Happy Nails

   I picked one nail polish out with my last Forever 21 order.  I'm always drooling over their accessories and every so often they have some neat polish up for grabs.  I don't have a F21 store nearby, so I just chance it going by Online descriptions, and get to be surprised when it all arrives.

   When I was unpacking this bottle I was at first afraid it wasn't going to work for me, seeing all the orangey-yellow sparks in the bottle, but then I looked closer and I realized it is something special.  This nail polish has no real name - the label just says Blue/Clear; Online it is listed as "Blue Stars Nail Polish".  But when I looked at it in person, saw the flashing aqua-blue stars and unusual iridescent glitters, to me this polish is Sea Stars.

   More about the glitter polish after the jump.  I have to say that last week was really, really rough for me.  I was having a bout of being depressed, sad, whatever you want to call it, and after a week I really wanted my usual chipper demeanor back.  (So did my family and boyfriend, it was rough for all of us.)  So when it was time for my nails to be refreshed I went for the happiest color I could.  China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky was my yellow creme base - 2 coats.  It actually looks better on my skintone than these pictures suggest, but it is pushing for me, I know.

   Fortunately my mood did pick up yesterday, along with the sunshine.  These nail pictures are taken in full sunlight, no flash.  (Love my new camera - I took these in a moving car!)  If you'd like to see glitter bottle shots keep reading!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Color Club - Blue-topia: I won this polish!

    Look at what Color Club sent to me!  I actually won this nail polish from them!  I was so surprised; I rarely win contests.  It was really nice to win, and proves that yes, they really are connecting with their fans and giving things away.  How did I win it?  I follow them on Twitter.  Every Friday they post a picture of one of their colors (to their facebook, but they tweet it too), and accept E-mails of people guessing what the nail polish in the bottle is.  You get two guesses.  Very fun!  For their last contest I had just one guess: Naughty-cal Navy.  Imagine my surprise when I was contacted as a winner!  I figured I would hear back from them, I've guessed incorrectly and they personally thanked me for playing anyway (scoring big points in my book).  But this time... I won!  And they sent the polish out to me super quickly.

   I was expecting a bottle of Naughty-cal Navy, but instead I ended up with Blue-topia.  Very cool with me because I like the name better and it is a neat color.  It would fall into the family of navy blues.  Not a color that I was looking to buy for myself, yet one that I knew I could use for layering and art.  So how convenient to get it for free!  Lots more piccies after the jump~

Stuff To Win (Post 1)

   I've decided to post up these conglomerate giveaway posts every so often.  I don't always enter giveaways, but when I do, I really want to win them.  (Haha, I started writing that sentence and HAD TO finish it like that!)  No,  but really.  I follow a lot of nail polish and beauty blogs.  Often they hold giveaways, but I don't always enter them.  I have to truly want the items being offered.  I don't just enter for the sake of getting free stuff.  To me that's not cool.  Someone else might really be wanting those things.  Let them have a better chance of getting them.  So rather than just repost giveaway info, I'm doing it my way.  I'll include the picture (if there was one), a link, and the reason why I've entered!

   I also plan to have these little bits of personal thoughts about blogging, giveaways, etc on these posts.  I'm pretty picky about the content I post to my blog being quality, and I'd rather post something more heartfelt.  Giveaways after the jump!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Swatch & Review: L.A. Colors - Pink Chiffon

   I was planning to make a different post today but I had to share this color instead.  I guess this is like a pink Wednesday post!  I don't do pink Wednesday on purpose, I'm way too random with my color wants.  But today is LA Colors in Pink Chiffon.  Perfection in pink polish.

   This is just one coat - application was so great!  It is easy to work with and opaque.  If you work quickly it self-levels beautifully and starts drying fast.  It is a rosy pink creme with extremely fine silver shimmer that gives it depth and gorgeousness.  No brushstroke issues, either.  No topcoat in these shots.

   I think I'm getting the hang of my new camera, too!  It is a learning process for me but slowly and surely you will be every speck of glitz in my polish, every ragged torn cuticle, each dried piece of skin... exciting, right?  =D

   Anyway, later I will be sharing these nails again with a super dose of glitter, but I loved this color too much by itself to not share it.  Like I said, really great pink.  It's girly and feminine, but has an air of sophistication about it.  It says "I'm a lady, and I have good taste in what I wear".  Plus it looks great at just one coat so HELLO base for nail art and layering!

   Anyone else own this one?  Or other colors by LA Colors that you love?  I had picked this one up because it looked pretty enough (better on the nail, I'm glad to say) and because of the name.  I'm a seamstress, so "pink chiffon" appeals to me.  What do you think of it?  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glitrix Haul - Glix Polish Bottle Pictures!

   Last week my package from Glitrix arrived.  It took about two weeks to get here from Singapore, that it good shipping time in my opinion.  Everything I ordered arrived wrapped securely, safe and sound.  Besides some empty polish bottles, these are what I got:

   I just had to pick up one of her bow bracelets; it is nice and heavy from the jade stone beads.  Comfy to wear and I really like it.  And good news about the polishes!  She now has labels on her bottles.  Not individual name labels, but this is a step in the right direction.  I received 8 polishes - two were sent along as a gift to me for reviewing.  =)

Top row: Magic Mint; Skitty; Pop Tart; Dianthus;  Bottom row: Mystique; Royal Flush; Going Gaga; Lady In Red

   Pretty, aren't they?  Also, only a few of these have settling issues, so it looks like her formula is improving!  I have individual bottle shots and brief descriptions of their glitter after the jump.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Find Me On Bloglovin!

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   Well lookit me go!  With how some people may be straying from the GFC widget in the future I set myself up on bloglovin.  I already have 4 followers there, go figure!  Anyone else here use this service?  I have added a couple buttons to my sidebar for bloglovin and also a "Like on Bloglovin" button appears below each post.  If you try them let me know if they are working for you!  Thanks!

   I'm thinking I may need to use this site more, and definitely download the Android app to try, because reading blogs on the go can be hard!  Let me know what you think of Bloglovin if you use it, please.  =)

101-Follower Giveaway Winner

   Hello everyone!  I'm pleased to announce the winner of my 101-Follower Giveaway.  Congratulations to Cindy!  She is a brand new blogger - just started in 2012!  It looks like her blog is promising to be a good one, so I encourage you to head over and check out Square Polish by Cindy.  Her winning entry was for leaving a blog post comment.  I had asked entrants to leave any comment they had about my blog in general.  This was hers:
      "I enjoy your haul posts - I guess sometimes I like to feel jealousy :P haha"
   Rather amusing and I think I'll put up a few more haul posts just for that!  Then I'm on shopping hiatus - too poor for more shopping at the moment.  ;D  So I'll be sharing more swatches and reviews instead.

   From other comments I gathered that people like the layout of my blog.  That means a lot to me because I don't have much time or skill to put into a fancy blog layout, but I'm trying!  My main thing is that it stays easy to navigate.  Suggestions are always welcome.  My newest addition was updating my Twitter widget - I switched to what Twitter offers on their site and I think it is much nicer!

   Also, as of this writing I am just 13 followers away from 200, wow!  Thank-you to everyone who joined in the giveaway.  Cindy from Square Polish has already responded and been sent her prize winnings, so this giveaway is now officially over!  Congratulations again, Cindy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

NotD: Icing magnetiX Glitter Colors! (new camera!)

   Hello all!  I don't generally put up two posts in one day but this is related to my previous post about the Icing magnetics - it's the polishes on my nails!  If I had added my manicure the post would have been too huge, I think.  So, here are some additional pictures and thoughts about my nails... and some exciting news - I have a new camera!

   The colors are Rose Sparkle, Antique Brass Sparkle, Black Sparkle, and then Rose Sparkle again.  I skipped out on using Blue Shimmer because it doesn't have a glittery finish like these do.  I'll do that one another time.  There is top coat in these pictures,  but not a very shiny one.

   I think the magnetic designs came out better on my right hand.  I used the wavy-design magnet on all my nails save for the black ones.  I used my LCN star-pattern magnet for those.  I love the wavy magnets.  It looks like ribbons running down my nails!  And each ring finger got a holographic silver star paillette applied to one side.  The magnetic pattern looks like shine rays coming from the stars.  =)

   I just have to say it's so much easier using magnetics on my own nails, rather than swatching a nail wheel.  Having to hold both the wheel and the magnet - carefully! is just about as much as my shaky hands can muster.

   I just got my camera a couple days ago, it's a Canon which I never thought I would buy.  My boyfriend has a Canon and while it takes great pictures I never liked using it myself.  This one has the kind of controls I like, though.  In fact, it mostly done by touchscreen.  Anyway, I'm still getting used to it and what settings I should use.  I'll probably make a separate post about my camera when I have less awesome nail polish to blog about.  ;P  But I have to ask: can you notice a difference for the better?

   My kitty was in my lap during my Nail-of-the-Day pictures.  So, here are my nails, on her pretty fur!  This actually came out really well-focused (click to see larger).  I don't know about you but I think she looks great with these polish colors, too.  Good thing cats don't have fingernails.  =P

   One more picture of my nails for the road!  Thank you so much for reading and if you have any thoughts please share them.  =)

Swatch & Review: Icing magnetiX Collection!

   Over the weekend I saw on Icing's website that they were carrying a new line of nail polish - 4 magnetic shades.  I love magnetics!  I went to Icing, went around the whole store and was afraid that they didn't have them yet.  When a girl working there asked if I needed help I told her what I was looking for - she knew what I was asking for because they had just gotten these nail polishes in and were up on the check-out counter!  I did some serious nail polish haulage!  Thus I bring you swatches and a review of the new Icing magnetiX line!

   I am seriously impressed with these nail polishes, and I have to give a nod to Icing for putting out magnetic nail polishes before most major brands have even announced a release date for their own.  Find out more of my thoughts and see more pictures after the jump!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Picturesday: Zoya Nail Polish (and Feb 2nd theme)

   Today is Picturesday!  The theme is "Zoya Nail Polish", and these are the photo submissions I have to share with you:

Name: Sarah at Starlight Radiance   Website: Starlight Radiance
"I'm wearing two coats of Zoya -
Cheri, a lovely creme pink with gold shimmer. Isn't she prettty?"
My Comments:   What pretty nails!  This is a great pink Zoya color.  Thanks
so much for sharing, Sarah! 

   Next Picturesday will happen two weeks from today!  As always you can see this post for the basic details and instructions on how to enter.  No worries, it's free and easy!  ;P  I picked the next theme based on my blog's current wallpaper/background, which lots of people seem to like...

to be featured February 2nd, 2012

   You may submit any picture that of something that looks icy, snowy, or is specifically snowflake themed.  Maybe it's jewelry you made?  Or your ice princess make-up look?  Another way to do it: if you have snow in your area, get some real snow in your picture!

   Thanks for your readership and hopefully next Picturesday will be exciting, too... but I need your help for that!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blue Glitterbomb Nails

   I wanted to do some sort of "exciting" nails last weekend, but still keep it easy so I would be able to handle the manicure.  I came up with a glitter manicure that contained literally the most glitter I've ever put on my nails - I was wearing 6 different glitter polishes!!  It looked fantabulous, too.  I was really happy to have winter sunlight streaming through a window, so I went there for my pictures.

   I just love this shade of blue on me, what do you think?  I need to wear more of this, haha.  Anyway, I wanted this type of blue on my nails and lots of silver holographic glitter.  I basically grabbed every polish that fit the description.

   The polishes were layered in this order:
  • Milani Cyberspace - a pale blue holo, 1 coat on each nail
  • Nyx Hieroglyphics - large holo bar glitter in a clear base, 1 coat each nail
  • Essie Carnival - small holo glitter in clear base, 1 coat each nail (probably didn't need to bother with this one!)
  • Nyx Girls Under The Moon - lovely small and large hex holo glitter in blue base, 1 coat each nail
   My ring finger and thumb were finished off differently, they had:
  • BonBons "Blue" - tiny blue glitter and tiny holo string glitter, clear base.
  • China Glaze Fairy Dust - micro holo glitter in clear base
   I realized that the old BonBons polish was making my nails a darker blue than I wanted thanks to the blue-colored glitter.  The difference was slight, but I finished the rest of my nails like this:
  • Nyx Heiroglyphics - again, 1 coat
  • Nyx Girls Under The Moon - one more coat
   And everybody got a nice thick top coat!  My nails were super glossy and didn't have any texture... and they were so sparkly!  Check out the sparkle reflections in this windowsill:

   I'd say that Nyx Girls Under The Moon was the main star of this manicure - it helped me find the exact shade of blue I was going for.  It mainly leaves smaller glitter on the nails, the large hex pieces like to stay in the bottle, but it's very pretty anyway.  One of my favorite polishes from Nyx, along with Hieroglyphics, which starts seems to get better with glitter placement the more you use it.

   Removal wasn't too bad, either.  I didn't have to break out the pure acetone, just used my Zoya Remove+.  I did a lot of soaking and gentle scrubbing and eventually it all came off of my nails.  I think the first coat being Milani Cyberspace helped because it removes easily.  Also, I didn't use my Orly Bonder base coat - I was afraid to!  Haha, I just used my Qtica.  I didn't have any tip wear or chips on this, but eventually the polish started to catch things down by my cuticles just because it was on so thick.

   This was a fun manicure and I'm proud of my results for my first super-glitter sandwich.  I definitely want to try it again... but in pink!  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Other Love: Socks!

   It has been awhile since I've done any sock hauling.  The truth is, I have a lot of socks.  I don't really need anymore.  I'm trying to "use up what I have".  But I couldn't resist picking up a few things on clearance from SockDreams - my favorite Online sock store.  I've been shopping there a looong time... since before the site was even called SockDreams, before they started a successful physical store up.  They've come a long way.  Here is what I picked up:

   The green toes peeking out up top aren't for me, but they were going to feel left out otherwise.  (;  The K. Bell socks are really awesome, really more of a net tight and sock hybrid, because they are open-work but made of cotton and thus rather thick.  These fit great and I love the lace trimmed tops with their little bows.  The Betsey Johnson tights were on my wishlist and I just love them!  Perfect color, cute design - they are so me!  My two new additions from Foot Traffic are awesomely pretty rose tights and really cute toe socks with stripes of pink, purple, and black.  Also very me!

   The other nice thing about this haul was the amazingly fast FREE shipping!  Seriously these were going out the very same day I bought them, within just a few hours.  SockDreams is so quick and their customer service is superb.  For example one time I accidentally ordered a pair of socks in a color combination that I already had (guess I really liked them), so I E-mailed asking if it could be changed and just like that I got a response, it was fixed, and my socks were on their way to me.  I highly recommend their site to everybody.

   I'm a collector of socks, for sure.  Trying to keep myself within the bounds of reason, though, which is more than I have done in the past.  What about you?  Any quirky accessory that you love to hoard? 

Monday, January 16, 2012

My 1st Zoya Colors - Kissy and Izzy

   I tried Zoya for the first time last year.  I picked two of their colors when they were doing a promo and I said to myself "sure, I'd try Zoya out for that price".  My choices?  The sparkling duo of Kissy and Izzy.  Picked partly because of the colors (pink!), partly because of the finishes (glitter, foil!), and partly because of the cute names.

   Kissy is the glitter, Izzy is the metallic.  The box they were sent in even matched nicely with their pinkness.  I have actually worn these colors together twice and not gotten pictures... shame on me.  I will say that I rather liked, even preferred, Izzy all by herself.  The next time I wear Kissy I'm going to try her over a dark creme.  =)

   Kissy is a wonder in the bottle.  She is made of tiny red glitters, small hot pink bar or "string" glitters, and larger holographic bar glitter.  My suggestion to you is to grab a bib and view this larger:

   Soon after these two cuties came into my life I was buying all sorts of Zoya nail polishes and now I have a nice little collection of the brand.  Love that it's Big 3 Free and no animal testing!  And don't forget that this Thursday is my second Picturesday.  The theme is Zoya Nail Polish.  Click the Picturesday tab at the top for the details - if you submit a picture of your Zoya polish worn you'll be featured on the blog!  =)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Swatch & Review: Sally Hansen - Princess Cut

   Earlier this week I tried Sally Hansen Diamond Strength "No Chip Nail Color" nail polish in Glass Slipper.  This is her pink-hued sister, Princess Cut.  The polishes contain the same clear/white flakies and microshimmer particles, I do believe the only real difference is the color the flakes are floating in.  If you are interested in this polish be sure to read on!

   My base was Zoya nail polish in June, but I accidentally stained the polish with pink dye.  Just lightly but keep in mind that this may be a little pinker than it would be otherwise.  ;)  I used one coat of Sally Hansen Princess Cut on each nail.  Princess Cut did add slightly more pink to my nails, but nothing overpowering.  In fact, I think this may be perfect for topping a french manicure.  Take a look at the pics!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sally Hansen Glass Slipper over Nyx Girls Dusty Pink

   I wanted to play with one of my new flakies for my last manicure!  I picked Glass Slipper since it is a clear polish and I didn't want to alter the color of Nyx Dusty Pink - one of my untrieds.  Actually... this entire manicure was made of untrieds!

   I used Nyx Girls in Dusty Pink (2 coats), Sally Hansen Glass Slipper (1-2 coats), China Glaze Frosty (2 thin coats), and Zoya Purity (1 coat).  I had intended on decorating each nail with some sort of design but never got around to it...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hauling, Online vs In-Store - What's your style?

   Yes, another haul post today, with items from two different places.  Some goodies came from CherryCulture, and a couple polishes were found in a store locally.  It just got me thinking about the differences between shopping Online and In-store, especially when it comes to little colorful things like this.  Here is some discussion!

   I think we all prefer to see things in person, hold them in our hand and put them up to our skin or favorite shirt to make sure they match correctly.  But there is a sort of thrill that goes along with picking items out Online and being surprised when you receive them.  Sure there will be some letdowns and the inevitable pair of shoes that just don't fit, but generally I'm happy with my purchases.

   Then on one hand it's nice to find something and have it right away - sometimes you need it right away.  But I don't think I'm the only one who looks forward to getting a package in the mail later on.  It's like a present sent to yourself.  I think it is a lot of fun to unwrap things, and watch this...
   Go to this:

   Alright, fine, onto the haul goodies!

Post #100 - Giveaway: Win an iPad or Kindle Fire

   So I was noticing that I'm nearing 100 posts on my blog.  I don't think it's truly that great an accomplishment because some of those are just Inventory posts, but hey, it's still cool.  How to make it special, though, when it snuck up on me so fast?  Well, Rafflecopter to the rescue!!

   Please take the time to leave a comment!  What would you like to see in the next 100 posts?  =)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cult Nails Clairvoyant on L.A. Colors Morning Glory

   So last week I finally got to try my treasured Cult Nails Clairvoyant nail polish.  Unicorn Puke, Clairvoyant, call it what you may, it really is a great nail polish.  Mine is the Clairvoyant version bottle from the Super Powers collection.  I actually prefer this as I adore the silver writing on the "regular edition" bottle!  I'm leaving just two pictures out and the rest will be after the jump since they are pretty similar, but I couldn't narrow them down.

   The sun was out really bright when I took these pictures and my camera could barely handle the sparkling rainbow of flake glitter.  It captured the color very well, but it couldn't focus sharply.  Bummer!  These are the colors on my nails:

L.A. Colors Morning Glory, Essie Licorice, Cult Nails Clairvoyant

   First off I have to say that Essie's Licorice surprised me.  In the past I've used it and been fairly "meh" about it's coverage, it took two coats and even then it didn't seen quite perfect.  This time it was a one-coat wonder.  I did apply it carefully, but I don't think my skills have changed that much, so I wonder if it is from using the Orly Bonder basecoat.  Seems to be good stuff.

   Anyway, now I have to give L.A. Colors Morning Glory some love.  This is a color that I picked up on a whim based on the name - after all, it's just another blue-toned purple.  The truth is morning glory flowers are one of my favorites, so when I saw the name I had to buy it (it was cheap!).  But I'm really glad I did because it turns out it's a lovely color.  I chose it for this mani because it seemed to perfectly match the "juice" of Clairvoyant.  When I was painting my nails I almost couldn't cover it with Clairvoyant, though, because it's so deep and shimmery and pretty!  Definitely one I will revisit to wear on it's own.  I will say that it had a slightly runny and watery consistency but I got away with two coats.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Blog Sale Updated and ON SALE! Get 10-20% Off!

   I uploaded a few more things to my For Sale page - brands like Too Faced, NYX, and Urban Decay are under the Make-up section.  =)  Aaaand because I really want to get this stuff sent out to new homes, not just sitting unloved, and because I don't want anyone to pay more shipping than they should have to everything in my blog sale is on sale!  Yay!  Here's the deal:

Blog Sale going until January 20th!
Any order that is paid by the morning of January 20 gets 10% off!
Spend $15 or more on items, get 15% off!
S pend $20 or more before shipping you will get 20% off!
(Sorry but shipping cost is not included in this offer, it's just for the items you are buying.)
~ Wanting to sell before postage increases! ~

   Anything from the sale would have to be put in the mail by Saturday, the 21st, so that is why I need payment by the 20th.  Obviously I will ship things out as they are bought, though.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to look and if you don't see anything you personally need then maybe you could share it with others?  The funds are going toward a new camera!  I've got one all picked out and I'm very excited about it.  ^-^

   And yes you can still offer things for swap/trade during my sale!  I don't have a whole lot on my wish list but I will always browse and you never know what might catch my eye!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picturesday: It Sparkles! (and Jan 19th theme)

   Today is Picturesday!  The theme is "It Sparkles!", and these are the photo submissions I have to share with you:

Name: Nicole   Website: Nail Polish Wars
"I used two coats of Hits Ares, and then taped off sections to create the
bang effect. I applied one coat of Hits Apolo, and repeated the steps on the
ring fingers for an accent with Sally Hansen Celeb City. I finished off with
one coat of SV."
My Comments:  Isn't this gorgeous?  A nice clean tape mani, which work great with most
holo polishes.  Also a simple and classy way to dress up your ring finger. I own Celeb
City and it's a wonderful silver foil - recognized it right away!  Thanks for sharing Nicole!

   So, that was actually the only photo sent to me.  I'm not too bummed, though, this is a new thing so hopefully I'll have more participation in the future.  Speaking of that...

   Next Picturesday will happen two weeks from today!  As always you can see this post for the basic details and instructions on how to enter.  No worries, it's free and easy!  ;P  The next theme is inspired by my current giveaway (which will end on January 20th)...

"Zoya Nail Polish"
to be featured January 19th, 2012 

   Submit a picture of your nails looking pretty with any Zoya nail polish color!  Or you could do a picture of how you store your Zoyas, a shot of your Zoya collection, etc.

   What's that you say?  No Zoya nail polish in your collection?  =(  Well, cheer up!  Zoya is doing a promotion for two free nail polishes of your choice from their website...  Zoya Natural Nail Polish & Nail Care Treatments  Go there and use the code ZOYA2012.  It's only good until the 9th, but maybe if you hurry up and buy now you'll have your new nail polish in time for Picturesday.  ;P

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Layla Magneffect in Brown Sugar and Velvet Groove

   I've got more magnetic nail polish swatches to share with you today!  Last week I tried two more colors by the Layla brand.  One I loved, one I was slightly let-down about.  First I tried Brown Sugar:

   There were very few swatches of this one Online and it was really hard to judge if it would fit my skintone or not, so I chanced it.  I'm very glad I did!  I ended up loving this even though it is an unusual polish color for me.  It tends to look just a bit darker, like this:

    It is a very neutral brown and doesn't lean too red, too orange, or too anything else.  The silver magnetic particles really pop, and the diagonal line design made me think of turkey feathers.  I tried straight lines on my thumbs... not bad.

   The other thing that was just great about this polish was the application.  This is just one coat and it was completely opaque.  I didn't have any "dead" spots where the magnet didn't effect the polish, and it dried on it's own fairly quickly.

   I'm going to venture to say that Layla Magneffect Brown Sugar has a lot of movement, meaning that the magnetic particles show a strong illusion of moving within the polish.  The silvery lines in this were constantly shifting and changing width, disappearing and reappearing.  It's a fun color to wear.


   The next polish I wore was Layla Magneffect Velvet Groove.  I was hoping for a rich cool-toned burgundy red, but to me it looks mostly purple.  After enjoying Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament I was hoping for something different in my collection.  I did use the Nails Inc. magnet on this color, though!

   The pictures show it as being more red-tinted than it looked in most lighting.  A pretty color anyway, though... oh well!  Hopefully another brand will come up with the perfect rich red magnetic polish.  (Or Layla could just come out with more colors - that's cool with me!)

   The good news about both of these colors is that they both wore well with just minor tip wear.  What do you think of them?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

International Glitrix Giveaway Winners

   Rafflecopter helped me pick and contact two winners for the Glitrix Giveaway.  I've had them both respond so the giveaway is officially over...  Here they are!