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Monday, February 6, 2012

Swatch & Review: Glix Mystique and Going Gaga

   More Glix nails to share!  The colors I wore are Mystique and Going Gaga, they are layered over Color Club Blue-topia: any navy blue polish you see peeking out is from Blue-topia.  Both of these Glix polishes have a black base.

   Mystique is the blue glitter polish named for a certain shape-shifting mutant.  It contains larger hex glitter - blue holographic and non reflective clear pieces, as well as small blue and green glitter.  This is gorgeous in the bottle and wonderful on the nails!

   Going Gaga has mostly pink glitter.  I love this one, too!  It's large fuchsia hex glitter reflects a holographic rainbow of colors.  It has pink, green and blue smaller glitters.  Mostly pink but you get a rainbow of purple, blue and green sprinkled through it.

   Both of these polishes have a very pigmented black base - I used two coats but I really didn't need to, because it buried a lot of the glitter.  You are essentially seeing 1 coat in these pictures.  I don't think I would even need a base color for these polishes.  Don't Mystique and Going Gaga compliment each other nicely?

   Application was easy and these dried with very little texture.  I added top coat and then they are awesome.  Wear time/durability was also very good.  I have just slight tip wear when I took it off after wearing these colors a few days.

   Disclaimer:  I bought Mystique for myself and Going Gaga was sent along for review.  I have shared my honest opinion about both!  As always you can find Glix polishes (and a whole lot of other neat polish items) in the Glitrix etsy store.  Which one is your favorite?  =)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Glix Dianthus over L.A. Colors Pink Chiffon

   One week later... finally getting to show how I wore LA Colors Pink Chiffon and Glitrix/Glix Dianthus together.  Here are my nails with one coat of each.

   Dianthus is packed with glitter, and I love the color of the pink!  It matched with Pink Chiffon really well.  It also contains silver glitter, and sparse color-changing glitter.  I would see some sparks of blue-purple, yellow-green glitter.  Would love for there to be more!  There are star-shape silver glitters in the bottle but none came out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glitrix Haul - Glix Polish Bottle Pictures!

   Last week my package from Glitrix arrived.  It took about two weeks to get here from Singapore, that it good shipping time in my opinion.  Everything I ordered arrived wrapped securely, safe and sound.  Besides some empty polish bottles, these are what I got:

   I just had to pick up one of her bow bracelets; it is nice and heavy from the jade stone beads.  Comfy to wear and I really like it.  And good news about the polishes!  She now has labels on her bottles.  Not individual name labels, but this is a step in the right direction.  I received 8 polishes - two were sent along as a gift to me for reviewing.  =)

Top row: Magic Mint; Skitty; Pop Tart; Dianthus;  Bottom row: Mystique; Royal Flush; Going Gaga; Lady In Red

   Pretty, aren't they?  Also, only a few of these have settling issues, so it looks like her formula is improving!  I have individual bottle shots and brief descriptions of their glitter after the jump.