Friday, January 27, 2012

Stuff To Win (Post 1)

   I've decided to post up these conglomerate giveaway posts every so often.  I don't always enter giveaways, but when I do, I really want to win them.  (Haha, I started writing that sentence and HAD TO finish it like that!)  No,  but really.  I follow a lot of nail polish and beauty blogs.  Often they hold giveaways, but I don't always enter them.  I have to truly want the items being offered.  I don't just enter for the sake of getting free stuff.  To me that's not cool.  Someone else might really be wanting those things.  Let them have a better chance of getting them.  So rather than just repost giveaway info, I'm doing it my way.  I'll include the picture (if there was one), a link, and the reason why I've entered!

   I also plan to have these little bits of personal thoughts about blogging, giveaways, etc on these posts.  I'm pretty picky about the content I post to my blog being quality, and I'd rather post something more heartfelt.  Giveaways after the jump!

Where to find it:
How I found it: Funnily enough, Nicole was one of my giveaway winners.  I cam across her blog because I had to verify her entries, of course.  I could tell she had talent and was worth watching.  Since then I have been following her blog and enjoying her manis.  She has even started up her own line of nail polish: Elixir Lacquers.
Why I want it:  You see the two bottles of nail polish in the photo?  Those are two of her Elixir colors.  BOTH on my wish list.  I want those so bad, but I'm honestly a little too poor to buy them right now!  Also, the bleached peacock earrings.  Love those, would totally wear them.  And the pedisocks - SOCKS!  I love quirky socks.  Do want.

Where to find it:
How I found it:  Pretty sure I came across this when someone else tweeted about it.
Why I want it:  I have a bunch of CG Electropop colors on my WishList.  Confound CG and their gorgeous creme collections!  The only hard part will be if I win: which half of the collection to choose.

Where to find it:
How I found it:  I've been following this blog for a little while, jumped on this giveaway when it was posted.  ;D
Why I want it:  Well, they are totally unique glitters, aren't they??  I collect black glitter polishes; don't have this one.  I think the white looks really cool, too.  Also, I don't have access to Nubar in my area.  Would be very happy to get these.

How I found it:  Again, I've been following this blog for awhile.  How could I not?  Cute girl with excellent taste in make-up and a love of hairbows!
Why I want it:  Hmm, let's see there is glitter?  Check.  And some more glitter...check.  Plus a black polish?  Check!  These are colors I love and things I will use.  =D

How I found it:  Hot on the heels of her 300 follower giveaway, I saw this one pop up, too.
Why I want it:  Alright, I'm going to wonder if you're actually following my blog if I have to explain this one.  Magnetics, I love them.  Don't have these.  Enough said.

   So there is my current batch of giveaways that I want to win share with the world.  They were posted in no particular order.  These are all being put up by excellent bloggers and I've enjoyed following them.  By all means follow them if it strikes your fancy.  =)

   Hello!  My name is Rochelle, and as the creator of Princessly Polished, your feedback means the world!  Leave a comment or send me an email.  Thanks for reading... stay polished!

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