~ The Girl ~


   My name is Rochelle, and once upon a time I started a blog.  This blog started off as a place for make-up reviews, but quickly became focused on nail polish.  Now I don't just blog about nail polish anymore - I make it!  Besides painting my nails, my other "girly" hobbies include designing & sewing my own clothes, mermaiding and dressing up.  I love making pretty, whimsical things!

   I live in a small town in the United States and keep busy with family and my routine of spiritual activities.  I was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses on May 26th, 2001.  On May 5th, 2012 I married my true love and in September 2013 our daughter was born.  I struggled with postpartum depression for over a year, and blogging fell by the wayside as we all focused on the more important things.  I have to thank my family for being an incredible support system, and my husband especially for believing that I could turn one of my passions into an awesome stay-at-home-mom job!

~ The Blog ~

   It's very important to me that the products I use be as healthy, natural, and good-for-you as possible.  Taking care of yourself is essential to looking good, after all!  (Clean & healthy = attractive, that applies to everyone and everything!)  I hate the thought of animal testing so I also look for brands that are cruelty-free.  I'm also interested in recycling, reducing waste and being eco-friendly.  I believe that beauty on the inside is more important than good looks, and that positivity is very important.  You'll find this reflected in what I write.

   I love getting comments, they make the blogger day a little brighter.  All questions, corrections and suggestions are welcome.  If you're interested in having me review a product or collaborating on a giveaway feel free to contact me.