Friday, January 27, 2012

Color Club - Blue-topia: I won this polish!

    Look at what Color Club sent to me!  I actually won this nail polish from them!  I was so surprised; I rarely win contests.  It was really nice to win, and proves that yes, they really are connecting with their fans and giving things away.  How did I win it?  I follow them on Twitter.  Every Friday they post a picture of one of their colors (to their facebook, but they tweet it too), and accept E-mails of people guessing what the nail polish in the bottle is.  You get two guesses.  Very fun!  For their last contest I had just one guess: Naughty-cal Navy.  Imagine my surprise when I was contacted as a winner!  I figured I would hear back from them, I've guessed incorrectly and they personally thanked me for playing anyway (scoring big points in my book).  But this time... I won!  And they sent the polish out to me super quickly.

   I was expecting a bottle of Naughty-cal Navy, but instead I ended up with Blue-topia.  Very cool with me because I like the name better and it is a neat color.  It would fall into the family of navy blues.  Not a color that I was looking to buy for myself, yet one that I knew I could use for layering and art.  So how convenient to get it for free!  Lots more piccies after the jump~

   The polish came in it's own cute little box.  I like the presentation and I will save the box since it doesn't take any more room than the polish on it's own.  Also like the little cut-out flower, which matches the flower on top of the polish brush!  Here is what the back of the box had to say:

   In person this color is such a deep, darkened blue that it actually has an indigo-black-purple tint in the bottle.  The best way to describe it is inky.  I will probably be using that word a lot of this one.

   Working this polish was very easy.  It applied well and I only used one coat.  It really only needs one coat, thought I could have been better about applying it evenly on some sides of my nails the difference in color wasn't very noticeable in person.  The camera flash brought it out.

   Also this is very, very shiny.  No top coat in these pictures.  It didn't need any for shininess' sake.  Creme finish, in case you were wondering.  Very glossy blue that looked nearly black.  My boyfriend called it a midnight blue, and I had to agree with him.

   So, these were my nails on Sunday night.  I took my pictures in really poor lighting when I could finagle my new camera away from my boyfriend who was playing with it.  These came out true to color, though.  This nail polish is perfectly suited for what I wanted - a one-coater that will be perfect for starry-sky manicures.

    Thank-you very much, Color Club, for my new stand-by deep blue polish!  It is my first bottle of Color Club nail color.  =)

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  1. i love it!! congrats on winning! i must follow them now :)

  2. Haha, I figured you would like it. ;D


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