Monday, January 16, 2012

My 1st Zoya Colors - Kissy and Izzy

   I tried Zoya for the first time last year.  I picked two of their colors when they were doing a promo and I said to myself "sure, I'd try Zoya out for that price".  My choices?  The sparkling duo of Kissy and Izzy.  Picked partly because of the colors (pink!), partly because of the finishes (glitter, foil!), and partly because of the cute names.

   Kissy is the glitter, Izzy is the metallic.  The box they were sent in even matched nicely with their pinkness.  I have actually worn these colors together twice and not gotten pictures... shame on me.  I will say that I rather liked, even preferred, Izzy all by herself.  The next time I wear Kissy I'm going to try her over a dark creme.  =)

   Kissy is a wonder in the bottle.  She is made of tiny red glitters, small hot pink bar or "string" glitters, and larger holographic bar glitter.  My suggestion to you is to grab a bib and view this larger:

   Soon after these two cuties came into my life I was buying all sorts of Zoya nail polishes and now I have a nice little collection of the brand.  Love that it's Big 3 Free and no animal testing!  And don't forget that this Thursday is my second Picturesday.  The theme is Zoya Nail Polish.  Click the Picturesday tab at the top for the details - if you submit a picture of your Zoya polish worn you'll be featured on the blog!  =)

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  1. I love Zoya :-) They are amazing!

  2. great choices ! i love glitter polishes x


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