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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picturesday Feb 16th Theme "Anything Goes!"

   Yes, I am taking the opposite of a snow day.  When I announced the theme for today's Picturesday post, Snowy, there was actually snow on the ground here.  Finally.  Our weather is usually a frozen tundra for 5 months of the year, but this time it just won't stick.  So, I picked the theme thinking I'd be inspired to round up some neat snowy pictures from other bloggers to share.. but guess what, I didn't.  The snow melted off again and I actually got fed up with it being so mild.

   On a sad note, the constant shifts in weather means our pond has been freezing and thawing every few days.  I've been worried about how our fish could be holding up.  Unfortunately, one of our large koi was found dead this morning.  =(

   So, I'm giving up on snow fort-building weather and ready to move onto spring!  I love spring!  Anyway sorry for not rounding up pictures to share today.  I have hardly had the time or gumption to blog these past two weeks.  Since I'm feeling uninspired (or perhaps inspired by everything!) here is the theme for two weeks from today!

"Anything Goes!"
to be featured February 16th, 2012

   If it fits within the guidelines and basic rules for Picturesday, you may submit it!  Show a favorite picture from the past, something new, or something made by you!

   Here is a refresher on the details of Picturesday:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Picturesday: Zoya Nail Polish (and Feb 2nd theme)

   Today is Picturesday!  The theme is "Zoya Nail Polish", and these are the photo submissions I have to share with you:

Name: Sarah at Starlight Radiance   Website: Starlight Radiance
"I'm wearing two coats of Zoya -
Cheri, a lovely creme pink with gold shimmer. Isn't she prettty?"
My Comments:   What pretty nails!  This is a great pink Zoya color.  Thanks
so much for sharing, Sarah! 

   Next Picturesday will happen two weeks from today!  As always you can see this post for the basic details and instructions on how to enter.  No worries, it's free and easy!  ;P  I picked the next theme based on my blog's current wallpaper/background, which lots of people seem to like...

to be featured February 2nd, 2012

   You may submit any picture that of something that looks icy, snowy, or is specifically snowflake themed.  Maybe it's jewelry you made?  Or your ice princess make-up look?  Another way to do it: if you have snow in your area, get some real snow in your picture!

   Thanks for your readership and hopefully next Picturesday will be exciting, too... but I need your help for that!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picturesday: It Sparkles! (and Jan 19th theme)

   Today is Picturesday!  The theme is "It Sparkles!", and these are the photo submissions I have to share with you:

Name: Nicole   Website: Nail Polish Wars
"I used two coats of Hits Ares, and then taped off sections to create the
bang effect. I applied one coat of Hits Apolo, and repeated the steps on the
ring fingers for an accent with Sally Hansen Celeb City. I finished off with
one coat of SV."
My Comments:  Isn't this gorgeous?  A nice clean tape mani, which work great with most
holo polishes.  Also a simple and classy way to dress up your ring finger. I own Celeb
City and it's a wonderful silver foil - recognized it right away!  Thanks for sharing Nicole!

   So, that was actually the only photo sent to me.  I'm not too bummed, though, this is a new thing so hopefully I'll have more participation in the future.  Speaking of that...

   Next Picturesday will happen two weeks from today!  As always you can see this post for the basic details and instructions on how to enter.  No worries, it's free and easy!  ;P  The next theme is inspired by my current giveaway (which will end on January 20th)...

"Zoya Nail Polish"
to be featured January 19th, 2012 

   Submit a picture of your nails looking pretty with any Zoya nail polish color!  Or you could do a picture of how you store your Zoyas, a shot of your Zoya collection, etc.

   What's that you say?  No Zoya nail polish in your collection?  =(  Well, cheer up!  Zoya is doing a promotion for two free nail polishes of your choice from their website...  Zoya Natural Nail Polish & Nail Care Treatments  Go there and use the code ZOYA2012.  It's only good until the 9th, but maybe if you hurry up and buy now you'll have your new nail polish in time for Picturesday.  ;P

Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Picturesday Happens in 1 Week!

   Here is my Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid mani dressed up with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust.  Fairy Dust is my absolute favorite microglitter top coat and it pairs fabulously with MKoCA!  The holographic dazzle on this one is perfect.

   As a reminder to everyone please join in on Picturesday!  The theme is "It Sparkles!" and I'd appreciate having everyone's photos before Wednesday the 4th.  =)  Here is my first post about the theme, and another post with all the details on how to join in.  Thanks!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Picturesday Details

How to Submit a Photo for Picturesday:

   First off, use Kontactr!  Besides this little button the Kontactr form is under the Contact Me section of every page in the lower right-hand corner.   You will have to enter your name, e-mail, and your subject line should begin with "PICTURESDAY".  In the message box, fill out and enter this form:
Google Friend Connect Name:
Name or Alias for blog post:
Picture URL:
My Website:
Website URL:
Optional Extra URL:
About my picture:
   Your GFC Name is needed so I can verify your followership of my blog, the Name or Alias is what you will be called by in my blog post.  The Picture URL is needed to see your photo, obviously.  Your Website will be the text for the Website URL which can be your homepage, profile page, etc.  The Optional Extra URL is in case you'd like your photo to be a clickable link to a specific blog page, product page, etc.  About my picture is where you write 1-3 sentences about your photo which will be posted below your picture.

Basic Rules: 
   Be a follower of my blog using Google Friend Connect!
   Make sure to submit your photo in time for the post.  In most cases this will be by the Tuesday prior to that week's Picturesday.  Each post will say the date you need to submit by.
   Your photo has to be one you have taken yourself, and shouldn't contain anything that I wouldn't want on my blog.  Things I don't feature on my blog would be profanity, nudity, anything racial, political, or featuring holidays.  Basically keep it G-rated and appealing to everyone.  =)
   Oh!  And image size...  You don't have to worry about that, really.  Blogger resizes images so yay!  I will say keep your photos in the realms of "normal" dimensions, though.  I really don't want to see long, skinny photos that are akin to banner ads...

But wait, what's the catch? 
   Really, there isn't one.  All I ask is that your submissions fit the theme and guidelines I set out for that week's Picturesday, and you host your own picture Online.  Yes, you're responsible for that photo being on the web.  That's why I want you to send me a link!  I'll link to your photo for the blog post.  (So make sure it is a "shared/visible" photo that has permission to be linked to!)  If you want to link back to my blog or the Picturesday post to show off your entry, by all means feel free to; I'll appreciate the favor.

My photo has a watermark, is that okay?
   By all means.  Picturesday is about having other's photos on my blog, so it will be made obvious that all the pictures are not mine.  If you normally watermark your things that is fine.

I have a picture that fits, but it is old! or from a past blog post!  Is this okay?
   Yes, it is!  I think a lot of bloggers have great older content that is worth being revisited.

I am a business/have a storefront/am selling the item I'd like to submit.
   That is okay with me, too.  In particular I like to support individuals who make things by hand and indie brands.  I will take a look at what you are selling and if it is something I can support, I will!
   My one request is that you make it a more personal picture if at all possible - the item being used or worn is better than a stock photo from a sale listing.

But I'm not sure if my photo fits the criteria...
   Submit it anyway!

Any other questions?  Just ask!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Introducing Picturesday!

   Hello everyone!  In an effort to make my blog more interactive and have come up with Picturesday - a day for your own pictures to be featured on my blog!  I've been inspired by how many followers I have that create really nice content.  This is obviously in the trial stages and subject to changes, but here is what I have come up with so far:

  • Picturesday will happen every other Thursday - my first Picturesday will happen on January 5th, 2012!
  • This is open to anyone who follows my blog via GFC.
  • I will either announce a theme for the upcoming Picturesday or declare it freestyle - your submissions should follow my guidelines.
  • Submit one URL to a web-hosted photo and a few sentences about the picture.  Also include a link to your own blog, twitter, shop, etc!  Submissions may be made via the Kontactr widget in the lower-right corner of my blog.

   I will making another post soon that will answer more questions about the specifics and "rules" of Picturesday.  Until then please feel free to ask questions (that maybe I haven't thought of!) and make suggestions.  If you have any interest in participating please leave a comment saying so~

   If Picturesday is successful enough I think it would even be fun to have little contests (readers could vote for their favorite photo) and/or incorporate it into giveaways.  Would anyone like to see something like this?

   To start things off, here is the theme for the FIRST EVER Picturesday on Elle-Hime!

"It Sparkles!"
to be featured on January 5th, 2012

   Submit a photo of something beauty-related that is glittery, blinged-out or otherwise constructed of highly-refractive materials.  It can be an accessory you use, your favorite glittery make-up look, or a sparkling manicure... pretty much anything goes for this one!

   Alright, so you might want to hold off on flooding me with photos tonight, because as I said *stayed tuned* for more specifics tomorrow!  I just wanted to get this idea out there and hear some thoughts before I type all my "great ideas" up, haha.  =)