Friday, October 21, 2011

NotD: Interstellar Rock Star!

   I'm currently rocking this totally awesome manicure that appeals to my love of black nail polish and cutesy, girly things.  I used my new L.A Girl polish from their Rock Star Nail Lacquer collection.  The color?  Rockstar.  It is a black polish with a jelly-ish quality that is loaded with purple micro-flake shimmer that flashes green in the bottle.  I have only seen purple show on my nails, but it's gorgeous and I love it anyway.

   In fact I love it so much that I took a ton of pictures of it, which you can click to see larger.  =)

   This is 2 coats of LA Girl Rockstar, which I pressed star glitter flakes (and 2 bullion balls) into while it was still tacky, and covered with 2 top coats.  It's very glossy and the stars are very flashy, showing up as pastel purple, pink or green as my fingers move.  I can't stop staring!  I dressed my right hand up too, but didn't mirror the arrangement of stars except for on my pinkies.

   I have been impressed with the quality of the few L.A. Girl polishes I bought - for only $2.50 I'm going to buy a few more.  Both the brush and the bottle are nice to work with.  Hopefully it lasts through the weekend!

   Thanks for looking!  =)

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