Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend-ends, soon my Giveaway will too!

   I was away this weekend and had a grand time being away from work, home, and even the computer.  I didn't take any pictures until I was home again, but I can show you what I had on my nails.  Considering these pictures were taken under indoor lighting with a point-and-shoot, they do a mighty good job of showing off one of my favorite polishes:

   Nfu-Oh Aqua Base coat, Nfu-Oh 63 (3 coats), and a top coat on all my nails except for the index finger, which was layered with something.. consider this a teaser!!  You can see the difference more in this shot - anyone have a guess about what is over #63?  You can click my photos to see larger versions.

   There was one mishap while getting ready to leave for the weekend - eyeshadow explosion!  The worst I've ever had.  I was using my Nyx Chrome Eyeshadow and went to put the plastic seal back onto the pot before recapping it, and it slipped sideways into the White pigment.  Poof! it showed in my room.  I had to leave so I just left it to clean up when I got back.  Since it spilled mainly on my dresser I could not easily see how bad it was.  Out of curiosity I wiped my hand over the dresser...
   Wow, sparkling skeletal hand make-up!  There was still more on the dresser, it just wasn't sticking to my skin anymore...  While it was pretty and pearly I feel bad about the huge waste.  ...Wait no, what am I thinking!  This is a swatch - an epic hand swatch!  So there, now you know what Nyx CES White looks like, if you had any doubts of it being anything besides the color white.  Anything for you, my lovely readers.

   In other news this is basically the last day to enter my giveaway!  Make sure that you double-check all the entry options on the Rafflecopter widget - I added a bonus entry option two weeks ago and not every has used it!  Here's a direct link to the original giveaway post.  I don't know about my followers but I know I'm in suspense over who will win!  Hopefully my next blog post will be of announcing the winner~

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