Friday, October 28, 2011

NotD: Cracked Cotton Candy

   After swatching L.A. Girl Pink Steel I decided I wanted to jazz it up somehow.  The first thing to jump to mind was a glittery top coat, but none of my glitters were saying "pick me, pick me!".  Then I thought crackle, of course!  I knew black would look good but I just did black nails, and wanted something more colorful.  So I poked through my China Glaze and settled on Oxidized Aqua.  It's a perfect match!

   The China Glaze Crackle Metals collection are foil finish crackles, and Pink Steel is a super pigmented foil itself.  So, seeing these two get together on my nails made my day!  I did China Glaze Crushed Candy on my ring fingers because it's close to the color of Oxidized Aqua, and I do like the contrast with the pink foil underneath that, as well.  Sadly my lighting wasn't too good when I snapped these pictures, the look is much more eye catching in person.

   But let's focus on the foily goodness for now, shall we?  This makes me think of cotton candy at the State Fair of Supersaturated Colors.  I personally haven't found anyone layer their crackles with foil + foil finishes, and all I can say is that is is awesome.  You must try it!  The above photo was without a topcoat.  I finished this mani off with a topcoat which has brought it into the land of glossy foil shine wonderfulness.

   Anyone loving this as much as I do?

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  1. I like that metallic shatter! Very pretty combo!

  2. Thanks so much! =)
    Sadly it was just too much for the camera to handle. I should have sought better lighting but I was in a huge rush. XP

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