Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Swatch & Review: LA Girl Metal - Pink Steel

   Wow, this polish is amazing in the sunlight!  I wish I had been able to get better pictures of it than just these with flash, but I have the feeling that this color would be impossible to capture in it's full glory.  Here is L.A. Girl Metal / Metallic Nail Polish in Pink Steel:

   This pink foil polish is amazing - As you can see in the bottle it's silver foil pigment swimming in pink, and it translates wonderfully on the nail.  "Pink Steel" is a very apt name for it, and this is one of the most metallic nail polishes I own.  My pictures here are with two coats, but it is very opaque even at 1 coat.  (My toes are enjoying 1 coat right now and they look fabulous!)  Also, I did not put a top coat over this.

   By way of review I can say that the formula is easy to work with.  Starts to dry quickly but if you nick it while tacky there is no hope of it self-leveling.  Super pigmented and very metallic - in a word it is vibrant.  It is not glossy when dry, but has a high-sparkle shine that is appealing.  Retailing for about $2.50 I say it's totally worth owning!  I also have Chromium Green from this collection on my toes, it is just as good - just a nice green instead!   The LA Girl Metal collection has other shades available in this foil finish as well, I picked out a few of my favorites and I'll be sure to wear & share!

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