Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: LAVANILA Vanilla Coconut & Vanilla Lavender

A review of the fragrances by LAVANILA from their Mini Roller-Ball Set

Vanilla Coconut
   Notes: Young coconut, Tahitian Tiare Flower, Madagascar Vanilla

   This promises to be a yummy tropical scent.  In the bottle it smells mostly like coconut, though you can tell vanilla is in there too.  I was immediately reminded of a coconut-scented My Little Pony I once had, but LAVANILA is much more authentic.  I was the least excited about this fragrance out of the collection as I often feel coconut is too overpowering.  When I applied it I was pleasantly surprised.  The coconut settled down into a warm, subdued but recognizable scent, and the vanilla came through beautifully to balance it out.  I could smell this hours later when I was looking for it but it never hit me in the face.  Eventually I mostly smelled the vanilla base note.

   I'm not sure if I will repurchase this, but I can see it being a dream come true for anyone who likes coconut.  I will use the mini roller that I have, at least.  It's a very real scent that is unique in my collection and not off-putting to wear.  It brings to mind beaches and tasty little deserts.  Works for any time of year, especially summer, and would fit in with casual settings nicely, yet not be out of place anywhere else.  LAVANILA's Vanilla Coconut in a word: pleasant.

Vanilla Lavender
   Notes: Spanish lavender, Violet Leaf, Rose, Madagascar vanilla

   Lavender is a calming scent, yet this is no boring sleepy perfume.  On the whole this perfume comes across as having a soft floral sweetness.  The lavender is mixed in with the other floral notes to create something very springy and bright.  I'm picky about flowery perfumes; they can sound so good but smell cloying on my skin, or turn powdery.  I never had that issue with this fragrance, as it truly smells like fresh flowers.  The vanilla comes through after the floral notes have faded, which takes a few hours.  It is a very pretty, feminine perfume.

   After a full day at work I couldn't tell it was on my skin any more.  It might not be the longest-lasting perfume, but it's enjoyable from top notes to dry-down, so I'll definitely wear it and reapply if needed.  I'm happy to have found a floral perfume that I truly like.  I picture old-fashioned garden parties when I smell this.  Perfect for spring and any formal occasion.  Anyone could wear it.  LAVANILA's Vanilla Lavender in a word: lovely

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