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Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Forward: Monthly Mini Giveaway - Open Internationally Until 3/21!

   It's already March, and that means it is time for another Mini Giveaway!  While searching for inspiration for this month's theme, I was reminded that this Saturday we'll be losing an hour of thanks to Daylight Saving Time.  (Ugh, I don't want to lose an hour!  If you're in an area that doesn't follow DST, be thankful!)  Also, the first day of spring is March 20th.

   And what better way to combine the thoughts of spring and the bitter reality of lost sleep than with quick-and-easy flower nail art stickers?  The winner will get 12 assorted sheets.  Yay!  I'm also including a pack of Fringed Iris tip guides (3 styles in the pack!) and carded samples of Urban Decay Primer Potion and Stardust Eyeshadows!

   This giveaway will run until March 21st at midnight.  Widget for entering is below, so keep reading!  Please click the "Terms and Conditions" link at the bottom of the Rafflecopter widget, that is where you will find the rules!  Thank-you!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Video! Influenster Unboxing: The Mary Kay Look VoxBox


   Hello everyone.  Guess what I did?  I made another YouTube video - finally!  And this one is extra special because it's a video of me, including a bit of baby belly!   I made the video to show what came in my Mary Kay VoxBox, and talk about my thoughts on the products.  I'm trying them out this week, so you'll be hearing more about them soon!

   I was sent these complimentary products in exchange for my opinions; you can learn more about Influenster here!

Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012 Hauls

   This post was almost going to be purely nail polish.  I had all my pictures ready to go and hoped to get my hauls of November posted in a timely manner when I had a surprise before work.  I was on the phone when my husband walked in with an ARMLOAD of packages, both the look on his face and his all-encompassing gesture saying "all this stuff is for you..."  Poor guy.  I was only expecting one package, but everything I bought in the past two weeks showed up together, haha.  And because I want to keep things by month to the extent possible (and one box had a giveaway prize in it!) I'd rather take more pictures, type more, and post late.  =)

   One of the first things to show up was my Cherry Culture order.  The eyeshadows are already put away so I'm snagging my picture from Instagram to show you those. 

   Nyx Single Eye Shadows clockwise from top: Cherry, Irises, Luxor, Seafoam Green, Baby Blue, Dust Sparkle and True Taupe in the center.  The Jumbo Eye Pencil is Black Bean.

   I was really happy to grab some of L.A. Colors' new glitter polishes, I've worn 3 already!  You can see my post of swatches here.

    From left to right: Candy Sprinkles, Broken Hearted, Glitter Bomb, Flurry, Tinsel and Cocktail.

   I picked up three new Milani polishes, as well. These are packed with glitter! My camera couldn't pick up all the sparkle and especially vibrant blue and purple glitter.

    Left to right: Lavender Fizz, Twinkle, Pink Flare.  They are all "One Coat" glitters.

   The highly anticipated Color Club collection of Halo Hues - holographic beauties - were released and I couldn't resist snagging a couple, as well as two other Color Club polishes from my wishlist.

   Left to right: Diamond Drops, Halo-Graphic, Harp On It, Wild At Heart.  ...Actually, every one of these polishes is technically a holo, cool!

   I also managed to get my hands on some of the new China Glaze colors from their Cirque Du Soliel and fall and winter releases. 

   It's A Trap-eze! is another glitter-in creme polish.  Looks fun in the bottle.  Pizzazz looks a lot like the glitter in It's A Trap-eze! with a clear base instead.  Interesting...

   Glistening Snow and Hello Gorgeous!  Absolutely loving the look of these microglitters...  Need to wear these soon!

   Here is something that is not make-up!  I'll have a review up on these soon so I'm not going into detail, but if you couldn't tell they are a set of mini camera lenses.

   At last I found a bottle of Wet 'n Wild Black Creme.  It was the only bottle in CVS, too!  I hope it is as good for me as all the race reviews make it out to be!  I also picked up Sparked.  Don't know if I really needed another pink-and-silver glitter, but I imagine it would make an awesome gradient.

   Pure Ice is releasing new colors!  I liked the unique mix of colors in Treasure Hunt, I just hope it didn't get it's name because of the effort required to get those diamonds out of the bottle!  Can't wait to try this one, either.  Here is a collage I made with pictures on my phone.  =)

   Then, the mail came...

   Maybe I should have broken this up into parts 1 & 2?  Haha, no worries, I'm not showing each individual item.  First off, I took advantage of the Zoya Dream Box offer to snag their new holographic microshard colors.  This picture doesn't do them justice.

   Blaze, Storm, Aurora...  They are better than I imagined!  But that is typical of Zoya.  By the way, they will be doing flash promos again soon, and they were a steal last year.  You have to sign up NOW to qualify for them.  Hurry and make an account!

   I sniped an eBay auction for a new stick of my favorite deodorant.  Pure Vanilla by LAVANILA.  Good stuff!  Mini review: it's natural, smells nice when I sweat, and it doesn't ruin clothing or leave residue.  Oh, plus it goes with most of my perfumes.  I have several by LAVANILA, and a few other vanilla fragrances, too.  =)

   I made my first purchase from My Beauty Addiction on etsy.  Just one group photo for all this stuff now because I will be picking it apart on the blog later.  Still, look, colors!!

   And finally, I'm so honored to have been chosen as a winner in Smashley Sparkles water marble contest!  That's right, my Citrus Splash marble was actually deemed worthy of a prize!  I was in third place, which originally didn't even exist, haha.  OverallBeauty generously provided the prize.  She included a cute little glass file, too!  But I'm not going into a whole lot of detail here, I'll make a separate post once I get to try my polish from Naild'It.  Thank you Kim, thank you Smashley!!

   My first bottle of Naild'It polish: Summer Lovin' Melon.  Can't wait to swatch it!

   So, this ended up being a lot of stuff, but very little was impulse buys thanks to crazy sales.  In fact I was pretty "meh" about most of the sales that went on!  How about you?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Giveaway: Too Faced Goodie Bag!!

   I decided it's time for another giveaway!  This time I have an assortment of some my favorite (and everyone else's) Too Faced products!!  This will probably be the last giveaway I have time to do for awhile since I'm busy with planning my wedding, so I wanted to make it something special and glamorous!

One winner will get:
  • A damask make-up bag
  • Lip of Luxury samples
  • Lash Injection deluxe sample
  • LashGASM deluxe sample
  • Cocoa Puff & Honey Pot - Eyeshadow Duo
  • Shadow Insurance (original) full size
  • Shadow Insurance (Candlelight) deluxe sample
  • Beauty Balm (Nude Glow) deluxe sample
  • Primed and Poreless deluxe sample
  • Pink Leopard Brightening Bronzer in mirror compact
  • Sun Bunny Bronzer 
  • Limited Edition Flatbuki Brush

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Overall Beauty Haul!

   Since I'm sickly I've pulled out old pictures for my standby easy-to-throw-together posts: past hauls.  These are really late in the sharing, too.  I got these a month ago!  Sorry for the extreme delay...  I placed an order through Overall Beauty last month when she had some clearance sales going on in her Glitter Gal nail polish section.  These are the colors I came away with:

   Glitter Gal polishes in Blush, Frappe, and Not Another Red.  I already wore Not Another Red - you can see it on my nails here.  Also love the little ribbon bow!  I'm going to use it on the end of a braid sometime.  =)

   Ordering through Overall Beauty was great because the owner, Kim, kept in contact with me the whole time through both E-mail and Twitter!  It was friendly and added a personal touch.  Another personal touch was the included sample of her eyeshadow.  The color is called Lavender With a Twist.

   It comes sealed with plastic.  I've used this a couple times and I love it - swatches to come!  You can also purchase Kim's mineral eyeshadows from her etsy store, and here is a direct link to this lovely color.

   I'm happy with how my order was handled and Kim's customer service.  I got my items quickly, and while I don't have pictures I can tell you that everything arrived in cute green bubble wrap and a plastic bag decorated in stars!  It made my day.  =)  I recommend checking out Overall Beauty for some neat polishes and plenty of other beauty items, such as the namesake mineral make-up line.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul: 45 polishes, 1 eyeshadow?!

   ...And that's just what I bought for myself.  Well, okay, maybe I'll do some sharing.  ;)  I have to start by saying that I absolutely looove and I'm always snagging pretty colors for myself and Mom through their store.  Generally my hauls are centered on pigments and glosses, maybe a few nail polishes.. but this time was different.  I was so impressed with the few Nyx Girls polishes that I picked up a few more, and the same story for L.A. Girl, too.  Well, enough of my gabbing, let me just show you!

   The L.A. Colors mini sets.  Top Row: Glitter 126 and Glitter 124.  Bottom Row: Bright 123 and Bright 125.  Yes, they really are that creative with their collection names.  These polishes are unnamed but I believe they are just smaller versions of polishes in their regular lines.  I was interested in this brand because of their 3-free formula and that they are very obviously animal-cruelty free - they have the little heart-ear buns right on the bottles!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend-ends, soon my Giveaway will too!

   I was away this weekend and had a grand time being away from work, home, and even the computer.  I didn't take any pictures until I was home again, but I can show you what I had on my nails.  Considering these pictures were taken under indoor lighting with a point-and-shoot, they do a mighty good job of showing off one of my favorite polishes:

   Nfu-Oh Aqua Base coat, Nfu-Oh 63 (3 coats), and a top coat on all my nails except for the index finger, which was layered with something.. consider this a teaser!!  You can see the difference more in this shot - anyone have a guess about what is over #63?  You can click my photos to see larger versions.

   There was one mishap while getting ready to leave for the weekend - eyeshadow explosion!  The worst I've ever had.  I was using my Nyx Chrome Eyeshadow and went to put the plastic seal back onto the pot before recapping it, and it slipped sideways into the White pigment.  Poof! it showed in my room.  I had to leave so I just left it to clean up when I got back.  Since it spilled mainly on my dresser I could not easily see how bad it was.  Out of curiosity I wiped my hand over the dresser...
   Wow, sparkling skeletal hand make-up!  There was still more on the dresser, it just wasn't sticking to my skin anymore...  While it was pretty and pearly I feel bad about the huge waste.  ...Wait no, what am I thinking!  This is a swatch - an epic hand swatch!  So there, now you know what Nyx CES White looks like, if you had any doubts of it being anything besides the color white.  Anything for you, my lovely readers.

   In other news this is basically the last day to enter my giveaway!  Make sure that you double-check all the entry options on the Rafflecopter widget - I added a bonus entry option two weeks ago and not every has used it!  Here's a direct link to the original giveaway post.  I don't know about my followers but I know I'm in suspense over who will win!  Hopefully my next blog post will be of announcing the winner~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Haul: What else arrived over the weekend!

   Besides grabbing a totally awesome nail polish to give away here, I did buy myself some goodies which I have been tearing into over the past few days.  You can click this picture to see it larger:

   Milani 3D Holographic polishes in HD, Hi-Tech, Hi-Res, Digital, and Cyberspace.  Nyx Girls polishes in Frizz Spots, Dynamic Glitter, and Dreamy Glitter.  La Girl polishes in Rockstar, Chromium Green, and Pink Steel.  And Nyx Single Eyeshadows in Dark Gray, Jazzy Pink, Dark Brown, and Black.

   I could not resist the Milani polishes.  This is a brand that I have not found in stores locally yet.  After missing out on them in a giveaway (which reminded me of their existence) I just went ahead and bought them - totally worth it!  The Nyx polishes have more expensive dupes right within the same brand.  I have no clue if it's worth springing for the Salon Formula...  I just went with these little cuties.  LA Girl Rockstar is an awesome black polish with tiny purple-to-green flakies in it. The other two La Girls are foil colors!  The single eyeshadows are all matte.  Jazzy Pink is constantly sold out and I was so happy to finally snag it.  I grabbed the neutrals to use as eyeliner for the most part.

   Besides sharing these pretties with all of you, I share their use with my family.  My grandmother is in constant benefit of my stash of nail polish, and when my Mom saw these she tried on a few colors.  Really, I prefer it that way!  A bottle of polish lasts me quite awhile and I feel better knowing they will all get used...  So long as no one has nail rot I'm cool with sharing.  Anyone else have the same policy?