Friday, March 9, 2012

Stuff To Win! (Post 4)

   This week has been flying by me and I can't believe that my own nail polish giveaway ends tomorrow!  I haven't had much time to devote to blogging, but I've been doing my best to keep up with the other blogs I read.  Check out these wonderful giveaways I've found, many hosted by some of my favorite blogs!

How I found it:  Started following this blog when Nicole won one of my giveaways. ;D
Why I want to win:  Revlon Whimsical is a really pretty polish!  There are also mystery extras with this one...  Even if I don't win I really hope to find out what those are!
Ends:  Mar 11th, 2012

How I found it:  This giveaway runs with the one posted above it.
Why I want to win:  Nail polish is a beautiful thing... I like beautiful things, and I like nail polish.
Ends:  Mar 11th, 2012

Where you can find it:
How I found it:  Have been following this blog for awhile!
Why I want to win:  I do like things besides nail polish... really, I do.  I even like winning things besides nail polish!  I'm not generally into palettes but everyone raves over this one, I really want to try it!  Love the colors!
Ends:  Mar 16th, 2012

Where you can find it:
How I found it:  Started officially following this lovely blog a month or two ago!
Why I want to win:  There have been several giveaways for this collection, in whole or part.  So far I still don't have the polishes.  =P  Did I mention that I read this book series?
Ends:  Mar 18th, 2012

Where you can find it:
How I found it:  Past blog follower!
Why I want to win:  Same reason as above.. but yes if I win the first one I'll forfeit my entries in this one!  ;D
Ends:  Mar 23rd, 2012

Where you can find it:
How I found it:  I have been following this cute blog for awhile.
Why I want to win:  Pinkii is always doing giveaways for neat accessories - there is also a gift certificate for an etsy shop that does custom shirts included in this giveaway!
Ends:  Mar 31st, 2012

Where you can find it:
How I found it:  Through a tweet!
Why I want to win:  Majorly pretty polishes in this one!  All new to my collection...  =)
Ends:  Mar 31st, 2012

How I found it:  Past blog follower here!
Why I want to win:  Oooo, holographics...  nigh-unattainable holographics...  I love China Glaze and I love these colors!
Ends:  April 1st, 2012
How I found it:  I've been following the blog for a while!
Why I want to win:  I still don't have these flakies, haha!  Hopeful that I could be one of the winners.  ^-^  By the way, Glitter Obsession just started another giveaway for the Milani holographics; I'm not entering because I already have them, but I love them!
Ends:  April 5th, 2012

And I don't have a PICTURE for this one... Gift Card!!
Where you can find it:
How I found it:  Past blog follower!!
Why I want to win: The giveaway is for a HUGE giftcard!!  We're talking $500.00.  If that wouldn't help with setting up a new home and covering wedding expenses I don't know what will.  XD
Ends:  March 17th, 2012

   I only have a zillion other things to do today, and I'm hoping to get my nails painted later, so I'd better get going!  I don't deserve a nice manicure if I let everything else go down the tubes, right?

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