Monday, March 5, 2012

Mystery Haul...

   Another one from the vaults!

   Hmm, I wonder what that stuff could be...

   Well of course it's a pile of polish!

   Sadly this is another "ancient" haul from January...  I never got around to posting it, sorry!  I bought these from Llarowe when she was having a huge sale and got a majorly good deal on these gorgeous polishes.  The only downside was a huge wait time on my order (she was swamped), and the fact that I didn't realize that the Hits brand is not 3-Free until I had the bottles in my hands.  ...Oh well!  Can't really argue with multichromes this gorgeous...

   I picked up both the Modern and Unique sets and I almost can't believe that I haven't tried them out yet, haha.  These are my first true multichrome polishes.  =)

   I also ended up with Hefesto by Hits and the Silver/Turbulence holographic polish by Glitter Gal.  I'm going to do a comparison post of the two in the future, but I haven't had enough sun to justify using holographic polishes!  Here they are in the bottle:

   Since they are totally different bottle shapes it is kind of hard to judge them like this.  What color(s) would you like to see them layered over in my comparison post?  =)

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  1. super awesome haul!!!!

  2. If you don't want those HITS polishes I will glad you help you out and take care of them for you. hahaha!
    Great purchase!!

  3. omg!! best haul you posted in my opinion! i cant wait to see your swatches!

  4. Shame on me for sitting on it for so long, am I right? =P

  5. Haha! Yeah, I have no doubts that they will go quickly if I put them up for adoption. ;P
    It'll depend on how they wear on my nails. If they don't get along with my base and top coats, that sort of thing.
    I do want to love them anyway, though!

  6. Hehe, thanks Maria! I can't wait to see them, either!

  7. OMG yes... But I'm bad at posting hauls too... :(

  8. jealous! Can't bring myself to splurge on these..Great haul, as always

  9. I only did it because I managed to get them on sale. ;D

  10. Love the Modern set of polishes. I love hauls :)

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