Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Overall Beauty Haul!

   Since I'm sickly I've pulled out old pictures for my standby easy-to-throw-together posts: past hauls.  These are really late in the sharing, too.  I got these a month ago!  Sorry for the extreme delay...  I placed an order through Overall Beauty last month when she had some clearance sales going on in her Glitter Gal nail polish section.  These are the colors I came away with:

   Glitter Gal polishes in Blush, Frappe, and Not Another Red.  I already wore Not Another Red - you can see it on my nails here.  Also love the little ribbon bow!  I'm going to use it on the end of a braid sometime.  =)

   Ordering through Overall Beauty was great because the owner, Kim, kept in contact with me the whole time through both E-mail and Twitter!  It was friendly and added a personal touch.  Another personal touch was the included sample of her eyeshadow.  The color is called Lavender With a Twist.

   It comes sealed with plastic.  I've used this a couple times and I love it - swatches to come!  You can also purchase Kim's mineral eyeshadows from her etsy store, and here is a direct link to this lovely color.

   I'm happy with how my order was handled and Kim's customer service.  I got my items quickly, and while I don't have pictures I can tell you that everything arrived in cute green bubble wrap and a plastic bag decorated in stars!  It made my day.  =)  I recommend checking out Overall Beauty for some neat polishes and plenty of other beauty items, such as the namesake mineral make-up line.

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