Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stuff To Win! (Post 2)

   Hey!  Time for another little giveaway post from me, right?  Lots of bloggers are sharing the beauty love right now!  Right now I am so, so close to have 200 followers here myself.  I'm sure we could round up a few more followers before this week is over...  I have huge news to post about and I'd like to announce it with my 200-follower giveaway!  I know it's not a huge amount of people but it means a lot to me.  Please help?

How I found it:  You know, I'm not entirely sure.  Twitter?
Why I want to win:  I really like Orly polishes so I'd be happy to snag those, and I've never gotten to try Quo.  =)

Where you can find it: www.lucysstash.com/2012/01/2-year-bloggiversary-giveaway.html
How I found it:  I've been following Lucy's Stash for awhile.
Why I want to win:  She has a variety of prizes up for grabs.  I do use eyeshadow, but mainly I'm hoping to score one of the polish-related goodies.  ;D

How I found it:  I have been following the blog!
Why I want to win:  This giveaway has two prizes, I'm really hoping for the Nubar one because I've been wanting to try the Diamont top coat for quite awhile... and those are two lovely colors!!  The Models Own glitter polishes are lovely as well, though.

How I found it:  I've been following the blog!
Why I want to win:  I'm a big fan of China Glaze.  I also recently devoured the Hunger Games trilogy, and while I don't think the movies will be anywhere near as good as the books I do want a few colors from this collection!  Luxe and Lush, Smoke and Ashes... yes, please!

How I found it:  Mentioned on another blog.
Why I want to win:  These polishes look really interesting in the bottle... again, I'm a fan of chine glaze.  =)

How I found it:  Linked to from another blog.
Why I want to win:  These prizes are sooo cute!  This girl has a lot of stuff up for grabs with multiple winners.

How I found it:  Found this blog awhile ago, don't really remember how.
Why I want to win:  These are so on my wishlist!!  I've basically given up hope of ever obtaining them, unless it is through a very kind swap or a giveaway like this.  I can hope and dream, right?

How I found it:  I have been to this blog before but I was stupid and forgot to follow it... now I do!
Why I want to win:  This is a really pretty polish from very nice blog.  I love holographics so of course I hope to win, but even if I don't I'm glad the giveaway prompted my to join GFC over there.

How I found it:  Linked to from another blog!
Why I want to win:  These bum polishes are just too funny.  I see them blogged about with mixed reviews but...butt? in the end I want to try them!  =P

   As always thanks for reading and I'm sure I can be hosting another giveaway of my own SOON!  =D  Please refer your friends to Elle-Hime, thanks!

   Hello!  My name is Rochelle, and as the creator of Princessly Polished, your feedback means the world!  Leave a comment or send me an email.  Thanks for reading... stay polished!

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  1. Thanks for adding my Giveaway (allthingsmevelove)

  2. You are welcome; thanks for commenting!


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