Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stuff to Win! (Post 3)

   I've discovered a handful of awesome giveaways again!  Gotta love those giveaways - I recently won one that I entered.  I actually was told I won on the day that I got really, really sick this week... lessee, that was Monday!  Yes, Monday.  Not a good day for me, but the friendly E-mail from a blogger friend saying "hey, you won!" totally cheered me up.  Can't wait to share my pictures of my prizes on the blog here!  Have you ever been having a downer of a day just to have it lit up by being told that you won something?

How I found it:  I have been following this blog for awhile~
Why I want to win:  There are two winners for this one!  I really want the CG polish set - the glow-in-the dark one is on my wishlist, and I'd like to try their fast-drying top coat.  =)
Ends:  Feb 24th, 2012

How I found it:  I spotted this one through Twitter!
Why I want to win:  I spot a few polishes from my wishlist in that prize!  This is a new-to-me blog but look at just how inviting and easy-to-navigate it is!  =)
Ends:  Feb 26th, 2012

Where you can find it:
How I found it:  I keep seeing this blog around... finally started following it and entered a couple giveaways.
Why I want to win:  She has a variety of prizes up for grabs, my heart belongs to the Pirates mini set.  Very hopeful that if I win at all I'll get one of those!
Ends:  Feb 28th, 2012

Where you can find it:
How I found it:  Hmm... I don't remember, sorry!
Why I want to win:  I love Zoya and flakies are great!  Don't have these!
Ends:  Feb 29th, 2012

How I found it:  Same as above!
Why I want to win:  Ohm-nom-nom, Layla Magnetics!  I already own a bunch, so why do I want all these?  Well, to complete my collection... and to franken with a couple of the colors, and to share the others with my fellow magnetic-loving friends!  I'm not greedy about it, promise!  ;D
Ends:  March 5th, 2012
How I found it:  I've been following the blog for a little while!
Why I want to win: Look at the great array of polishes!  I love the colors and think the addition of a "mood polish" is awesome.  I just love when bloggers do giveaways like this!  They have so much character.  =)
Ends:  March 14th, 2012
How I found it:  I follow this blog.  How could I not - it has a bow on it!
Why I want to win:  There are a few polishes from this collection that I am hoping to nab!  =)
Ends:  To be determined!

How I found it:  Through a tweet.
Why I want to win:  I'm really wanting those top coats!  I still haven't gotten to try Seche and I don't have a mattifying topper yet.  I'm also eying up all those other pretty polishes, and the rhinestones!!  I would put the Glass Slipper polish into a giveaway of my own since I already have my bottle (and a spare on my blog sale) - it's a wonderful flakie!
Ends:  March 19th, 2012

How I found it:  Past follower of this blog. =)
Why I want to win:  I still cling to the hope that someday I will win some nail-stamping giveaways in order to find out if it is "my thing" or not.  ^-^'  This is really great set and many good stamps and colors of polish that I like!  In fact, all but one would be new to my collection.
 Ends:  March 31st, 2012

   As always thanks for reading and don't forget that I'm running two giveaways right here, right now!  I hope these find good homes that will love them!  =D

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  1. Yay! I found some new to me blogs & more giveaways for my Weekly Giveaway Roundup posts.


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