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Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012 Hauls

   Here is my last haul post for 2012!  I'm looking forward to the content I have planned for next month, some of which has to do with what I found this month.  Not very much to show in this Haul post, so here we go...

   I managed to snag some more of the Pure Ice limited edition colors, which sold out at our local Walmart very quickly.  Last month I picked up Treasure Hunt, and I should have grabbed a few more of the pretties that were on the shelf then...  Oh well!
   Top Row: Vintage Glam, Internationally Known, Monte Carlo
   Bottom Row: Blue Midnight, Ruffled Sheets, Get Low, After Hours
   Of course I also snagged a few of these polishes for my giveaway, which will be running until January 11th; did you see that post?

   I picked up Sinful Colors Hazard and Mint Apple, and Salon Perfect Silver Sparkler.

   My Sephora haul was made possible by a coupon given to VIBs.  I picked up Dior Crème Abricot and two of Sephora's glitter liner-and-mascara combos.  I started using the Crème Abricot right away, and will be officially trialling it next year!

   And of course there was my special CosmoVoxBox from Influenster, which I've been having fun with testing and reviewing.  So far I've gotten to post about the Gillette razor and Forever Red perfume.

   Finally, I wrapped up my expenditures at Sally Beauty, where I grabbed a container of Bubble White and Orly polishes Green With Envy and Miss Conduct.  Green Wtih Envy seems to be one of those polishes that doesn't want to photograph accurately.

   With all the awesome end-of-year sales that are happening now I'll probably have a more exciting haul post next month, though for budget's sake I'm trying to resist!  As always thanks for reading and I'll blog to you all next year!  ;P

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fragrance: Forever Red - Exclusively at Bath & Body Works

Source: B&BW Forever Red EDP page

   Time to share another Influenster goodie!  Included in my Cosmo VoxBox was a mini bottle of Bath & Body Works most luxurious new fragrance: Forever Red.  I love trying new perfumes, so I was excited to see the bottle in my box.  As far as reviewing goes perfumes are easy to test, yet they can be tricky to describe - I'll do my best!  Let's start off with the official description from the website:
"Our most luxurious longest lasting fragrance blends opulent notes of fiery red pomegranate and delicate peche de vigne, a rare and fleeting French peach. Soft petals of red osmanthus give way to notes of addictive velvety marshmallow and a surprising finale of rich vanilla rum that leaves an unforgettable impression.
  • Top Notes: Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple
  • Mid Notes: Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus
  • Dry Notes: Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood"
    Right away I was happy to see that one of the notes is vanilla - I'm a huge fan of vanilla scents and was optimistic that this would be something I'd like, yet different from what I already have in my collection.  I also really like the look of their full-sized bottles.  The dark red glass accented by a flourish of red ribbon is a nice balance of stylish appeal and sturdiness.  My mini bottle does not have the cute little ribbon tie, but I love how easily it stows away!  And I love the atomizer on it.  This perfume sprays an ultrafine mist that exactly covers the decolletage the way a luxurious fragrance should!  I only need one spritz.

   But does it smell any good?  My vote is a big yes!  What does it smell like? is where my answer starts to get fuzzy.  I have a hard time putting my finger on exactly what it smells like, maybe in part from the floral notes which I'm never good at identifying.  Mostly it never has an overpowering, fake perfume smell.  I'm sensitive to chemical odors and will get a splitting headache from anything too strong, but have had no issues with this fragrance.  Forever Red sticks pretty close to the skin.  I don't notice it all day when I wear it, but if I try to smell it I can tell it is still there.

   While I may not be able to place the exact scent, this perfume works well with my chemistry.  It will last all day and sometimes into the next morning.  It never turns powdery, so the floral notes aren't too strong.  It never turns sticky-sweet, meaning the fruity notes don't come across as fake.  It does a have a certain warmth from the dry notes, with the rum vanilla and marshmallow being the most noticeable.  It's like the best aspects of the 'floral fruity' genre combined with a subtle gourmand.

   Here is what I really love about wearing it.  It might just be my chemistry, as a perfume will smell different when sprayed on someone else's skin, but this happens when I wear Forever Red.  When I work hard enough to warm up but not quite break a sweat it develops this fantastic aroma of freshly made cotton candy at the fair.  It must be from the vanilla and marshmallow base notes combining with the fruity ones.  I wasn't expecting that but it is totally me and I love it!  I can't stop sniffing when this happens.

   Importantly, my husband really likes the smell of it.  When I ask him what it smells like his answers have been "sort of fruity?" and "like berries".  Whenever he does notice it he comments positively.  So I also like this fragrance for the fact that he does.

   Honestly I haven't shopped at Bath & Body Works in ages, so when it comes to their claims of creating their most luxurious fragrance ever I don't have much to judge by.  It's more expensive than their usual offerings but Forever Red's price falls into what is usual for me.  This does smell like a quality perfume, but I think the whole idea of what smells rich is totally subjective.  I will wear this and even repurchase it because I genuinely like it, not because of what the ad says.  Have you tried it?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Influenster Cosmo VoxBox 2012: First Impressions

   Hiya everyone.  Sorry for the unexplained absence from the blog.  I underestimated how busy I would be last week.  This week should be business as usual but I will be taking another week off for the end of December.  =)

   Today I'm sharing the products I was sent to review from the site Influenster.  They showcase reviews and reward good bloggers with products to test.  And it's way more than just girly beauty products with them, too!  They have pretty much every category covered so any type of blogger can join.  It was exciting to be picked to receive one of their boxes, and then very suspenseful as the contents are a surprise!  Without further ado I present my Cosmo VoxBox!

   Straight off one thing that was both surprising and refreshing: no frou-frou packaging.  Everything arrived in a compact, plain-white box.  They include a card introducing the products they've sent, that is all from their company!

   I was really surprised, and happy! with the variety in this box.  I mean, they sent me chocolate!  To review!  A razor I had been expecting based on past boxes, and it even included a coupon for more refills.  The Forever Red perfume is a mini size, though I will admit I think it should have been wrapped somehow for safety during shipping.  And then there are two pens - FriXion gel pens from Pilot Pen.  I was really happy to see these because I knew just what they were and have almost bought them before.

   I'm not going to list the full descriptions in this post as I will be picking each item apart by itself later on, but I will talk about the razor here a bit.

   Influenster's timing couldn't be better with this product, because I'm down to my last two blades on my current razor, which are no longer being produced.  I had considered a Venus razor in the bast but decided against it due to cost and personal color preference.  I popped this new razor out of the package today and have begun my trial run with the Embrace blade already attached.  I already used the $2 off coupon for a set of their basic blades.  They are closer to what I have been using and I'm curious to see how they compare.

   So, you can look forward to seeing my reviews of these items over the next few weeks.  You can find my profile on Influenster here!  Right now Influenster is invitation-only, and I have a few invites to share with my fellow reviewers.  If you're interested in joining leave a comment or send me a message, I'll help if I can!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nails Inc. Whitehall & Houses of Parliament FAIL + Haul

   My last Sephora order included the new Nails Inc. color Whitehall, which is probably the least logical color name to give to a polish that is not white in any way.  I also picked up Houses of Parliament.  (Two days later the set of all 3 colors was available and I wanted to scream.  >_<)  Anyway I was really looking forward to what I've heard are great polishes and the easiest-to-use wave-creating magnets.  I fought with them and this is all I got:

   Somehow this photo actually makes them look better (yes, better) than they did in real life.  They barely responded to the magnet.  It's not like I don't know how to use them - I have LCN and Layla magnetics and do just fine with them.  The formula on these was really weird.  Not opaque in one coat because they went on so patchily, self-destroying and prone to unpaintable bald patches if you tried to even things out.  After a couple fingers I changed tactics and went for one thin coat to be followed by a thicker coat, and then create my design...

   That didn't work either!  As soon as a second coat hit these it was like it became instantly tacky and non-magnetic.  My thumb was a very sorry case, I should have took a photo - only one small stripe down the middle had any magnetic design at all.  I did throw a top coat on these which had no effect on the polish design, but realized after two minutes that I was not going to wear this out in public looking like such a sorry mess.  I took it off.

   As for the magnet caps themselves, they just seem okay to me.  They are easy to place over your nails but nothing ground-breaking in my opinion.  With my LCN magnets I often rest the end of the magnet on my cuticle in the same way; likewise the Layla cap magnets are very friendly to being used the same way.  If anything I'm wondering if I got dud magnets and plan to test them with my other polishes.  Or it could be dud polish, as it barely reacts to a magnet being held directly against the bottle, regardless of what brand it's from.

   So I'm thinking this polish isn't the greatest.  Sad, considering how great magnetics should be.  Hopefully it was just a bad first run of it.  The other swatches I've seen Online of this Nails Inc. line are really beautiful and that's why I jumped on these colors.  I plan to try using these again and if they work any better for me I will post an update.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sephora Haul - Fragrance Goodies!

   When Sephora had their Friends & Family sale of 20% off I snagged several fragrance gift sets.  Horray for good deals!  And I earned VIB status with Sephora, eep!

   The Kat Von D Sinner set was on clearance for just $25 - it includes the full-size fragrance, a rollerball, and a lotion!  This is probably the biggest steal.  The description Online sounded wearable and happily I have have found it to be so.  I don't think it smells heavy or overly dark, just nice.  Ha!
   LAVANILA sets for both Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Passion Fruit!  I can't wait to try their natural deodorant, thus I bought the set.  Vanilla Passion Fruit is Limited Edition and I decided I wanted to get the full-size bottle - for just $2 more you can buy the set which includes the matching body butter.  So I got the set!  Oh, and that little roller-ball is LAVANILA, too.  It's the also-limited-edition scent Vanilla Blackberry.
   And then my Pink Sugar gift set from Aquolina.  It's not as good as the big set offered from Sephora in the past, but I lost out on that one.  I love the hair perfume and just got to try the original fragrance yesterday.  I was told I smelt like gingerbread or s'mores - yum!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: LAVANILA Vanilla Grapefruit & Pure Vanilla

A review of the fragrances by LAVANILA from their Mini Roller-Ball Set

Vanilla Grapefruit
   Notes: Sparkling Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Lime, Madagascar Vanilla

   Citrus and vanilla are not things that I would normally think of pairing together, but with the mix of cedarwood added and my personal liking of grapefruit, I was game for this scent.  Upon application it blossoms into a tangy, citrus-and-woods filled bouquet with the base of vanilla in the background.  The juxtaposition of scents is intriguing and I find myself sniffing it repeatedly as it changes and settles on my skin.  Each note is distinct and genuine.  This is a long-lasting scent and by the end of the day I smell the vanilla base note holding out.

   I feel that this scent is a great way to shake things up in my routine of fragrances.  I also believe that this is a unisex scent and feel that it smells the most mature out of the four in the set.  I picture old estate libraries with polished wordwork when I smell this.  Wearable at any time of year, especially good in a professional setting or the great outdoors.  Can be worn by man or woman, probably not as appealing to the younger set.  LAVANILA's Vanilla Grapefruit in a word: interesting.

Pure Vanilla
   Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Rich Heliotrope

   First off I do want to know why there is more than just vanilla in "Pure Vanilla".  Aside from that, it does live up to it's name and smells just like real vanilla.  I adore this scent and most other people do to.  There is a faint floral note from the heliotrope when you first apply it, but throughout the day what you will continue to smell is the vanilla.  It is comfortingly foody without being too gourmand.  Yes, this perfume captures the note of vanilla perfectly.  It is never too strong but is warm and delicious treat when you get close to it.

   I want to keep this fragrance in my collection for layering, as I find it to be long-lasting on my skin and very complimentary.  Just like vanilla in baking it's one of those yummy key ingredients that you'll want to keep on hand.  I think of baked goods and high-end scented candles when I sniff this.  Especially nice for cool weather and appropriate at all times.  Can be worn and enjoyed by people of all ages.  LAVANILA's Pure Vanilla in a word: basic.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: LAVANILA Vanilla Coconut & Vanilla Lavender

A review of the fragrances by LAVANILA from their Mini Roller-Ball Set

Vanilla Coconut
   Notes: Young coconut, Tahitian Tiare Flower, Madagascar Vanilla

   This promises to be a yummy tropical scent.  In the bottle it smells mostly like coconut, though you can tell vanilla is in there too.  I was immediately reminded of a coconut-scented My Little Pony I once had, but LAVANILA is much more authentic.  I was the least excited about this fragrance out of the collection as I often feel coconut is too overpowering.  When I applied it I was pleasantly surprised.  The coconut settled down into a warm, subdued but recognizable scent, and the vanilla came through beautifully to balance it out.  I could smell this hours later when I was looking for it but it never hit me in the face.  Eventually I mostly smelled the vanilla base note.

   I'm not sure if I will repurchase this, but I can see it being a dream come true for anyone who likes coconut.  I will use the mini roller that I have, at least.  It's a very real scent that is unique in my collection and not off-putting to wear.  It brings to mind beaches and tasty little deserts.  Works for any time of year, especially summer, and would fit in with casual settings nicely, yet not be out of place anywhere else.  LAVANILA's Vanilla Coconut in a word: pleasant.

Vanilla Lavender
   Notes: Spanish lavender, Violet Leaf, Rose, Madagascar vanilla

   Lavender is a calming scent, yet this is no boring sleepy perfume.  On the whole this perfume comes across as having a soft floral sweetness.  The lavender is mixed in with the other floral notes to create something very springy and bright.  I'm picky about flowery perfumes; they can sound so good but smell cloying on my skin, or turn powdery.  I never had that issue with this fragrance, as it truly smells like fresh flowers.  The vanilla comes through after the floral notes have faded, which takes a few hours.  It is a very pretty, feminine perfume.

   After a full day at work I couldn't tell it was on my skin any more.  It might not be the longest-lasting perfume, but it's enjoyable from top notes to dry-down, so I'll definitely wear it and reapply if needed.  I'm happy to have found a floral perfume that I truly like.  I picture old-fashioned garden parties when I smell this.  Perfect for spring and any formal occasion.  Anyone could wear it.  LAVANILA's Vanilla Lavender in a word: lovely

Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: LAVANILA is Like A Box of Chocolates...

   Here I have the LAVANILA Mini Roller Ball Set to share my thoughts on.  I'm reviewing the set in this post and will do follow-up posts on each individual scent it includes!  =)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Sick... so here, have a Haul Post

   I have had no energy for the last two days.  My cold came back with a vengeance.  A horrible, wrathful vengeance.  I even left work early yesterday, which I do pretty much never.  =(

   Anyway, I'm way too gross for make-up, and couldn't see trying to do my nails while I'm constantly reaching for tissues, so lets just enjoy my Drugstore& orders, shall we?  They had great sales recently, so I couldn't pass them up: items:
   GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Formula
   GNC Biotin 5000
   Nailene Ultra Quik Glue items:
   BE Flawless Definition Mascara in Black and Espresso
   Too Faced Glamour Gloss in First Time and Flirt
   Lavanila Deluxe Mini Roller-Ball Set

   The Drugstore and Beauty sites have such a huge array of products!  I bought the GNC supplements to see if there would be any improvements in my nails from taking them.  Ever since late this winter I can't get my nails to grow long like I used to.  I don't know if it's from the harsh chemicals and cleansers at work, from lack of moisture, or just some major shift in my chemistry, but it's annoying!  The nailene glue is also for trying to hold my poor nails together, and I figure I'll use it for nail art rhinestone later on.

   My favorite mascara has turned out to be Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition.  Not the volumizing version.  I still use and try other new mascaras, but this is the one for me.  And lately I've had a hankering for a good old brown mascara.  Black is awesome and it has it's place, but I've been wishing for a dark brown again.  It's a nostalgic feeling, since I started wearing brown mascara before getting hooked on black.  Every new mascara that comes out!  So finally I got smart and just went for my favorite in Espresso.  Thank you for having this harder-to-find color. ♥

   I love Too Faced Glamour Gloss.  (It's true - see here!)  It's a major addiction and a good thing that they aren't available in more colors or I would be a less wealthy girl.  I was planning to wait to buy the rest of the colors on my wishlist from Too Faced's site, but... I think I got impatient.  I now have all the colors my heart desires!  But I have to wait until I'm less germ-infested before I will try these pretties, because I don't like contaminating my make-up.

   I have not tried Lavanila before, but I love natural products, and these are about as natural as perfumes get!  I will have to get my sense of smell back before I try to see what I think of these.  Hopefully I'll be better soon!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: S. Cute Love Berry Red fragrance

   Released in 2008 by the UK-based Modern Art under their label S. Cute, "Love Berry Red" is the only fragrance I managed to snag out of their hard-to-find collections.  Searching for strawberry-smelling perfume, I was drawn in by the adorable bottle.  There are other Love Berries in the line, with a color name and appropriately blinged-out bottle separating them from one another.

   This stock image was picked up from the S. Cute website.  Their site doesn't provide much information, but you can learn that S. Cute stands for things like "super cute", "so cute", "shinning cute" or "splendid cute" ...yes, every page has a littering of Engrish.  That or the company wants us to "Climb quickly up or down by gripping with one's arms and legs", and do it cutely.

   Unhelpful but amusing websites aside, here's my take on Love Berry Red!  (And a bonus nails-of-the-day shot.)