Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sally Hansen: Black Tie - a special manicure

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   While digging through the contents of my SD card last month I found the first manicure I wore after getting married in May.  I didn't even have my nails done on my wedding day because I had just caught the chicken pox.  I was happy to have kept my nails at all after that ordeal!  During April I had been so busy with wedding prep that spiraled into trying-to-keep-my-fiancĂ©-alive that I hadn't worn any polish in quite some time.  So to break my nails into being painted again I chose a lovely black polish...

   This is Sally Hansen's Black Tie.  2 or 3 coats, I don't remember.  I wasn't home when I did my nails so this is without any cleanup, and I snapped my pictures in natural sunlight.  This picture best captures the beautiful duochrome that shines blue and purple amidst the black.

   And look how rounded my nails still were at this point!  I think this fits the description of "squoval", haha.  I keep them much more squared now and I'm loving it!

   This polish was really nice to wear and easy to work with.  The shimmer didn't make it brushstroke-y, but gave it a softened look.  My last picture is with flash.

   I think I've improved considerably within the last half year.  I'm happy to share this little flashback, though.  Not only because Black Tie is a really pretty polish but that this was a sort of monumental nail day.  I was moving past the no-polish days of spring and things were settling into normality.  It may seem like a small thing but sitting down with a polish brush in my hand felt so good right then.  And I'd been married for 2 weeks!  Now it's been almost 8 months, wow! =D

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