Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nfu-Oh #66 (aka Green Holo Perfection) & Nfu-Oh Haul

   When my latest Nfu-Oh order (through showed up this month I just had to try Holographic Polish 66 out right away.  I can see why it is the favorite of the group - it's so holo you can't help grinning at it.  My nails were spewing  (double!) rainbows with this stuff on and it was a dream to work with.  I only needed 1 coat - yes, one coat! - for opacity and full prismatic awesomeness.  Dried in no time and even wore well with no chips and very minor tip wear.  I didn't use a top coat.

   Yep, these photos are before my tragic nail breakage.  How scary would it be if they grew that fast?

   This Nfu-Oh shows the most holo in the bottle!  I have seen this described as a greyed-out green or dirty silver color several times.  While I can agree with that for what it looks like in the bottle, I think it is obviously pale green on the nails.  Well, when it's not ALL THE COLORS, of course.  In pictures my nails are showing great rainbows but I wanted to show the base color...  It is this green:

   I'm so, so happy to own this polish.  I'm also happy to own the other Nfu-Oh beauties I picked up.  Here are numbers 62 (another Holographic), 66, 60, and 39.  Yay, flakies!

   The dark #60 looks deep and mysterious in the bottle.  Nfu-Oh #39 is more glowly than I can convey through your screen.  It is a bottle of Firefly Bums!  I capitalized that because that is the first thing I told my boyfriend it reminded me of.  He helped unpack these and agreed wholeheartedly.  So from now on #39 is Firefly Bums to me.

   Thanks for reading!  =D

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  1. omg this is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!


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