Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifties in the Mail! Giveaway Stuff + More From Glitrix

   I was super-psyched to win a giveaway done by Shally of Polished & Not Quite Put Together - one of my favorite blogs!  (It's by her recommendation that I picked up the Orly Bonder basecoat to try!)  By the way she is running another giveaway on her blog right now - click to see the BB Couture prize!  She sent me 8 mini polishes - frankens by etsy sellers.  And a really pretty nail polish necklace that she made herself.  =)
   This is my first piece of polish jewelry and I really like it!  Now I can totally understand why people make, wear, sell and buy this stuff, haha.  I make jewelry myself and it's very well made...  Every time I tried to capture the colors in a photo it turned into a sparkle blur, so I'll describe it's awesomeness.  The background is dark, and has a layer of flakies that look orange straight on but shift to yellow and then green from the side, which is amazing.  Over the flakies you see multi-chrome glitter which generally looks teal green but shines vibrant blue from the side and even flashes purple.  Once in awhile I swear I see pink in it.  I'll never get tired of looking at this.  =D  Thank-you Shalon for the beautiful gift.
   The nail polishes were from J'Adore Noir Cosmetics: Black Forest, Black Cherry, Ocean Soul, S&M;  and My Pretty Zombie: My Pretty Zombie, Scurvy, Varicose, and Epistaxis. At a later date I will post photos of the polishes swatched, and reviewed if I get a chance.  I'm already late in posting this and if I wait to get those pics it will be even longer!

   Even my kitty benefited from the giveaway - she liked the shiny ribbon that was around one of the gift boxes and held onto it until she fell asleep.  (And then I took it away as I don't think gift wrappings are a safe cat toy!)


   Now a little bit about my giveaway!  Glitrix has been hard at work and added a few NEW glitter polishes to the etsy store.  Click to check them out now!  Keep in mind she is running a special sale (only on for 10 more days) for my readers and has collaborated with me on a giveaway here - go to my giveaway post for all the details!  I'm going to buy the new color Babylicious, but then again Monster Green is cool, too...  What are you going to get?

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  1. What a great win! That necklace is so pretty!

  2. It definitely was! And the necklace is awesome! Thanks!


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