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Monday, February 20, 2012

China Glaze - Drawn To You

   Here are my nails with one coat of China Glaze Drawn To You.  I used the magnet from my blue Icing MagnetiX polish - which I'm giving away a set of - don't forget!

   My alignment on some fingers was a little wonky and my ring finger didn't turn out so well, sorry about that!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nfu-Oh #66 (aka Green Holo Perfection) & Nfu-Oh Haul

   When my latest Nfu-Oh order (through showed up this month I just had to try Holographic Polish 66 out right away.  I can see why it is the favorite of the group - it's so holo you can't help grinning at it.  My nails were spewing  (double!) rainbows with this stuff on and it was a dream to work with.  I only needed 1 coat - yes, one coat! - for opacity and full prismatic awesomeness.  Dried in no time and even wore well with no chips and very minor tip wear.  I didn't use a top coat.

   Yep, these photos are before my tragic nail breakage.  How scary would it be if they grew that fast?

   This Nfu-Oh shows the most holo in the bottle!  I have seen this described as a greyed-out green or dirty silver color several times.  While I can agree with that for what it looks like in the bottle, I think it is obviously pale green on the nails.  Well, when it's not ALL THE COLORS, of course.  In pictures my nails are showing great rainbows but I wanted to show the base color...  It is this green:

   I'm so, so happy to own this polish.  I'm also happy to own the other Nfu-Oh beauties I picked up.  Here are numbers 62 (another Holographic), 66, 60, and 39.  Yay, flakies!

   The dark #60 looks deep and mysterious in the bottle.  Nfu-Oh #39 is more glowly than I can convey through your screen.  It is a bottle of Firefly Bums!  I capitalized that because that is the first thing I told my boyfriend it reminded me of.  He helped unpack these and agreed wholeheartedly.  So from now on #39 is Firefly Bums to me.

   Thanks for reading!  =D

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Nail Polish Types & Finishes Tags

   In the interest of organizing my blog better I'm creating more specific tags, or labels.  These are so you can find a certain type of polish quickly.  Brand name tags have already been put in use.  All nail polish tags will begin with "np-", and the types will be defined as follows:
   ~ Finishes ~
Creme - also known as cream, but hey, that's a color!  Creme polishes are pigmented, opaque, shiny colors.  True cremes contain no shimmer or glitter.  Think of shiny enamel paint.
Effect - what I'm dubbing the crackle, shatter, and graffiti colors.  Also includes color-changing, glowing, and magnetic polishes.
Flake - contain larger, odd-shaped and usually iridescent reflective pieces.  Think of fish scales.
Frost - or pearl, these polishes can usually be identified by their brush-stroked look.
Glitter - polish containing glitter!  Often meant for use as a topcoat.  Sparkly!
Iridescent - polishes that change color in different lighting, or have "flashes" of a color in them.  Other terms can be lustre or duochrome.  Think of soap bubbles, insect wings and oil slicks.
Jelly - these polishes are sheer, yet have depth and look almost squishy or wet.  Very shiny, good for layering.
Matte - flat color with no shine after it dries, which is quickly.
Metals - polishes with a metallic, mirror, foil or chrome quality.
Prism - or holographic nail polishes contain special glitters that reflect a whole rainbow of color.
Satin - polishes that dry to a sheen somewhere between a creme and a matte.
Shimmer - these have smaller, fine microglitters or "glass fleck" particles that sparkle faintly.  May only show in strong light.
   ~ Colors ~
Bright -  vibrant colors, and neons.
Dark - deep, dark colors of any hue.
Light - all pale or pastel shades.
Mid - any mid-range color that doesn't fall in with bright, dark or light.
   ~ Other ~
B3F - stands for "Big 3 Free".  Polishes that do not contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, or Toluene.  Besides those chemicals posing potential health risks, polishes that do and don't contain them often don't work together well.
B3+ - my term "Big 3 Plus".  Not only are they b3f, they also exclude other risky ingredients.
   This is my list, made up according to how I describe things myself and usually see things described as.  It may be updated or added to from time to time.  I do try to be accurate, so if anyone would like to offer corrections, suggestions or refinement please comment below.  I really hope that these tags can be of benefit in the future for anyone searching for specific types of polish I have posted about.  If anyone else wants to use a similar tagging post on their blog go right ahead, but if I inspired you a link back here would be great!