Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul: 45 polishes, 1 eyeshadow?!

   ...And that's just what I bought for myself.  Well, okay, maybe I'll do some sharing.  ;)  I have to start by saying that I absolutely looove and I'm always snagging pretty colors for myself and Mom through their store.  Generally my hauls are centered on pigments and glosses, maybe a few nail polishes.. but this time was different.  I was so impressed with the few Nyx Girls polishes that I picked up a few more, and the same story for L.A. Girl, too.  Well, enough of my gabbing, let me just show you!

   The L.A. Colors mini sets.  Top Row: Glitter 126 and Glitter 124.  Bottom Row: Bright 123 and Bright 125.  Yes, they really are that creative with their collection names.  These polishes are unnamed but I believe they are just smaller versions of polishes in their regular lines.  I was interested in this brand because of their 3-free formula and that they are very obviously animal-cruelty free - they have the little heart-ear buns right on the bottles!

   I picked out some of their full-sized polishes, too.  Top Row: Morning Glory, Pink Chiffon, Black Pearl.  Bottom Row: Grapevine, Blossom, Green Tea, Sparkling Fuchsia.  These are all so pretty!  This photo captures the colors well, but of course can't convey the depth and sparkle.

   L.A. Girl polishes: Iron Red, Millenium, Alkaline Blue, Deep Sea Mica, Graphite, and Supernova.  Loved my previous Metal polishes enough that I knew I should get the other colors that appealed to me!  Supernova was sold out the last time I tried to order it, it's full of gorgeous holographic string glitter.

   Nyx Girls polishes in Enchanted Forest, Emerald Forest, Sea of Cortez, Under the Moon, Sunday Afternoon, and Mushroom glitter.  A still image can't even begin to convey the sparkle in these, or the strength of the aqua-green flash in Sea of Cortez, or the amount of holo glitter in Under the Moon...  Can't wait to try these!
   Nyx Girls polishes in Kinky Pink, Zurich, Woman, Royal Purple, Deep Space, and Boho.  Have a bonus picture on these because the shimmer was hard to capture on a few!  One thing I don't like about these... the bottles fingerprint very easily - I tried wiping them off but it just doesn't work!

   And one lone Nyx Single Eyeshadow in Matte Turquoise - it was finally back in stock!  I've been waiting so long, but at least I know it's fresh, right?  Haha.

   This concludes my way-too-grandiose haul...  I officially need more nail polish storage now!  It's madness!  I hope to be trying and swatching these over the next few... years, probably.  Kidding!  Oh, I'm also adding a "cruelty free" tag to my blog now.  =)

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  1. awesome haul!!! they look so nice

  2. Wow!! That's better than Christmas!

  3. damm!! thats a lot of polish!! i can twait to see a few of those ! can you swatch NYX enchanted forest like asap please ;D im not sure if ive seen it on another blog and i like it!

  4. Thankies!

  5. I don't celebrate Christmas so that means HUGE self-gifts year round! XP

  6. No cursing in the comments, please!
    I'm totally itching to try that one myself, so no problem/anything for my readers, right?

  7. Holy cow very nice haul! I've seen those LA colors packs at Ross.


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