Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pretty, Easy: Tape Manicure with Zoya Kristen & Skylar

Nail Art / Mini Tutorial

   I was swatching Zoya Kristen a few days ago when inspiration struck.  Actually, a piece of fuzz struck.  Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  As soon as I was adding topcoat I noticed a very fine piece of red fuzz glossed into my index nail, like so:

Zoya Kristen - 2 coats + fuzz & topcoat
    Can you spot it?  I was a little bit annoyed!  Originally I was going to top Kristen with a glitter, but I quickly thought of a more effective way to hide that fiber.  I grabbed my bottle of Zoya Skylar, my painter's tape, and scalloped-edge craft scissors.

   Goodbye, fuzz!  A quick coat of Skylar with a portion of my nails taped off did the trick.  I really liked this manicure, too!  Skylar contains super pretty flakes but I think she would have been too drab of a blue to wear on my whole nail.  The dominating super-pale blue base of Kristen made for lovely, dainty nail art.

   Do you have any scissors with fancy edges?  Have you used them for nail art?  If not, you should, as it is extremely easy.  Just remember: only apply tape to nails that have dried fully, and remove the tape as soon as you paint the accent color on.  Stay polished!

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  1. This is a beautiful mani, it's nice and simple but still makes a statement! Unfortunately I don't have any craft scissors but I'm thinking it's an investment I should make...

  2. Thank you. As for the scissors, they're great! I'm still looking for a decently priced set with a whole array of cutting edges. Besides being great for manicures they are so fun to spruce up cards, letters and mailing labels!

  3. If you don't mind me asking, where did you purchase your craft scissors? I got a set off of Ebay and the quality is so terrible they don't even cut through tape. Needless to say I've been on the hunt for some reasonable, quality scissors for a while now, lol.

  4. It's no trouble! I bought these at Walmart and they weren't the cheapest - they are X-acto brand. Fortunately X-acto seems to still make quality stuff, so they've been worth the price. I can't remember exactly what I paid, sorry!

  5. Thank you for such a quick reply! And no worries about the price, I'll probably end up buying them regardless lol.

  6. You are welcome! And I agree with you, cheap scissors are the kind of thing that you'll never use, so they didn't save you any money, right? =P I hope you find "the ones" for you, and have fun! =)


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