Friday, December 6, 2013

Glitter Gradient Jelly Sandwich: A Double Bubble Manicure!

Nail Art

   Today's post features an ancient relic!  Okay, not really.  But Lush Lacquer recently changed their name to Polish Me Silly, and either way I think Mr. Bubble might be a discontinued color?  I bought it last year.  Mr. Bubble is a mix of matte glitter in a clear base, and I used it to make a really cute glitter gradient sandwiched between layers of L'oréal Bubble Trouble!

   This was my base for the glitter, 2 coats of Bubble Trouble.  So squishy and shiny!  The coverage was nice and even, and this polish dried pretty quick, too.  I used one more coat of Bubble Trouble over the glitter gradient and accent nail, then never got around to applying top coat.  My manicure wore very well despite this.  =)

   I love jelly polishes and I love glitter gradients, so this was a wonderful combination to wear around!  Have you tried doing anything like this?

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  1. I came here from Will Paints Nails for Food feedback link! I love your photographs and the simple white background :)

    I'd maybe make the sidebar narrower (just one column of things rather than two) then your posts dominate the page a bit more. I couldn't find your GFC follow button and I'd also make your Bloglovin' follow button a bit bigger / more prominent!

    Lovely blog overall, I'm following now on Bloglovin'

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback!

    I do have to put my GFC button back up, and I agree about Bloglovin' needing to be more recognizable. =) Hopefully I will have time to get everything done soon...


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