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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Manicure!

Nail Art

   Oh, readers, this post is a fun one for me to share!  You may think that with all the pastel colors around here that I am simply a girly-girl.  Not true!  Beneath my frilly, lacy outer layer you will find a cold, hard nerdy comic book geek.  Hey, sometimes your knight in shining armor is actually a knight in really tight spandex.  Don't complain, fellow princesses, you know a spandex spidey-suit is easier to clean than a full suit of armor.  Yay for wash-and-wear!  ...Moving on!

   See what I did here, channeling the vintage comic book cover style?  I'm pretty proud of it... not nearly as proud as I am of these nails, though!!  I painted them on May 3rd, in preparation of my my 2nd wedding anniversary day-early dinner & movie celebration.  (What a mouthful.)  See, I really am a geek - I totally felt this was a sufficient romantic date for an important occasion.

   So yes, this was nail art for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie - wait 'til you see the other hand! - but  promise that I will reveal no spoilers.  I hate spoilers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review & How-to: Bow Water Decal Manicure!

   Today I'm happy to share a manicure using water decals that were sent to me for review.  I have to apologize, though, it's terribly late.  Two types of decals were sent by KKcenterHk earlier this year, but they showed up during the last-minute cramming for wedding preparations and right before my husband and I got the chicken pox - awful timing!  So they got packed away for later.  Anyway, I was given the chance to try nail decals for the first time ever in this way.  I'm happy with what I came up with using their cute bow design!

   Keep reading to see how I created this mani and my thoughts on the water decal-ing process!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1st try at DiY Nail Decals... fail.

  I saw a video on making your own "nail polish strip" decals and though it was a clever idea.  My idea for nail art was "bubble bath".  They turned out just fine on the wax paper I painted on, I gave them a day to dry, and then I tried to put them on my nails...  The photos speak for themselves.