Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainbow in the Clouds Manicure

Nail Art

   Here is a manicure I created using the new Sally Hansen Color Foil polishes.  They were perfect for this technique, which is much simpler to create than you might think!  Yes, this is the art that was originally meant to go over Raven.  But this base color was more fun - it glows in the dark!

   This manicure consisted of 2 coats of Serum No 5 Silver Lining, with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Sterling Silver on the undersides of my nails (just like I did with Raven).  I created the tri-color rainbows with Sally Hansen Titanium Flush, Liquid Gold, and Colbalt Chrome.  I did quick swatches of the colors (2 coats each) by themselves here:

   I mainly purchased these Color Foil polishes for nail art as I think they look awesome that way, and they are extremely opaque.  If I can figure out the trick to prefect application in a full manicure I'll share that along with regular swatches.  =)

   As for Silver Lining, it has a strong aqua-blue glow.  I definitely need to do more swatches of these polishes from Serum No 5, they are awesome!

   So, this was a fun, whimsical manicure that I really enjoyed wearing!  I will put a tutorial for it together if I can.  Hopefully soon, because I honestly really want to do it again now that I know how easy it is - and cute!  =P

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  1. OOOOOOHHHHHH *__________________*
    This mani is just pure perfection!

  2. This is such a beautiful manicure! I love it. Thanks for sharing! You're so creative! <3


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