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Influenster Unboxing-to-Conclusion: TLC VoxBox

Video & Review

   Or, the 'Box that I never reviewed properly because it came as a surprise when I had no time to post my regular content, let alone extra reviews.  Oh, Influenster.  I do feel bad about this.  I managed to get my unboxing video done, did the Twitter party (blah), and had poked at Pinterest activities, but my plans to do anything more than that fell by the wayside.  I haven't posted anything here in a month.  Ouch.
   Here is my first impressions video, in case you missed it:

   The TLC VoxBox was sent to select Influenster Moms, and is actually my first "mom" box to review.  Pretty cool, but also a bit difficult because I don't blog about "Mom things".  My blog is 95% nail polish and what I share on public social networks generally leans towards fashion, beauty and art.  Not practical Mom stuff.  But let's look at it anyway!

Neosporin Neo to Go!
   This is a nifty little thing, but I've only needed it a couple times when I actually had access to it.  The one-handed spray applicator is an ingenious idea, but also a bit tricky for my non-dominant hand.  Out of the package it takes a few pumps to get it going, and then it delivers quick, consistent bursts of product.  It also dries on the skin pretty quickly, so no worries about it rubbing off on everything if you don't have a band-aid handy to cover your wound!  Sadly it's "pain relief" does not seem as strong as the regular in-a-tube variety of Neosporin.  It also has a short shelf life; my tube says it's good until January.

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card
   Sure enough, I did nothing with this.  No Shell stations around, so no reason to join up!  Into the recycle bin it goes...

Puffs to Go
   I guess this box really wanted me to get out and going places, huh?  The original comments in my unboxing video still stand and sum up my feelings best.  Tissues are a must in my purse.  A to-go pack is fine from Puffs, but I prefer Kleenex for everday use, and especially when I'm sick.

Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother
   I never did anything with this, either.  The breakouts I mentioned in my video stuck around for another 2 weeks, and after that I was too afraid to mess my skin up because we were still having hot, humid weather.  As a 20-something with oily skin I have to be careful of skin products that contain silicones, and this one is full of them, from the very first ingredient to the fourth-to-last.  Yikes!  So I really don't think this is something tailored to my needs and it's not something that I was interested in using, either.  Of course this is the big-bucks $30 beauty product in the box, too.  =(

Ivory Bar Soap
   Aaand I'll admit that this one has sat unloved, too.  We use foaming soap in a pump, haha.  Both of our bathroom counters are extremely cramped for space and the thought of adding a soap dish is terrifying.  This bar could go in the shower, but to me there is nothing more sad than a melting bar sitting on a wet shower shelf.  Don't get me wrong, it will be used eventually (even if it means gifting it), I was just too busy and had no desire to test-drive a new soap right now.

Breyers Gelato Indulgences
   The highlight of this box was a voucher for a free container of Gelato!  My husband and I had a leg up on most other reviewers, too.  We'd already tried all four flavors available and so we knew exactly which one to get - Tiramisu, our absolute favorite!

   All I can say is if you haven't tried this, get some!  All of the flavors are really delicious, so you can't go wrong with any of them.  And it's only right that I wrap up this post with dessert!  =)

   So, this was a nice box with quite the variety of items, but I didn't feel the exact same excitement or deep connection to any of the products (save the Gelato) as I have with some of my other VoxBoxes.  I didn't have any say in getting it, if I could have opted out I probably would have for this go-round.  Hopefully my next box will be a little more fun and will include more items that I feel are appropriate to the content of my blog, since this is my preferred platforms for the reviews I do.  =)

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  1. Cracking up over the 'wrinkle cream', maybe you will need that in another 20 years, ha ha! If you save it for December/January you can use it as a cheek balm before going out to play in the snow, put some on the baby too! :D


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