Thursday, September 8, 2011

Haul: Lots of Polish In the Mail!

   There isn't much good about a postal holiday.  Your packages get delayed, you forget that you shouldn't be checking the mail and look like an idiot...  But, on the upside, maybe everything will arrive *all at once* the next day.  That's what happened to me!  On Sept 6th I got all kinds of goodness in the mail:

   Yes, it's all nail polish, I guess you could say that I have a bit of an obsession right now, but even for being just polish, that's big variety!

   I have Nfu-Oh: 61, 63, 65 and the Aqua Base for those holographic colors.  I snagged the China Glaze Spring mini set off of for a steal - the baby CG bottles are adorable!  Three "big" China Glazes: Blue Iguana, 108 Degrees, and Senorita Bonita from the Island Escape collection, and... the complete LCN magnetic polish set!  I am really happy to have all of these, and I think it will be fun playing with my new colors.  I really hope the sun comes out tomorrow so I can test some new colors to the full extent!

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  1. wow! what an amazing haul! i love it! where did you get your magnetic polishes?! i hope you do a swatch on them soon!!

  2. Isn't it? Haha, I had fun opening it all to "ooh" over the colors.
    I did make a quick post here showing LCN's website where they are selling the complete set, but I picked mine up on eBay.


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