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Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 2012 Hauls

   Here's a fun post!  It could also be titled "When ShopRunner Shipping Goes Crazy", or "How I Ended Up With Enough Hair Stuff For Five Women", but those are too long and I'm trying something new.  Instead of posting little hauls here and there (which can end up being often and make it look like I manage a "lookie what I bought todaayyy!!" blog - ugh), I'm going to group them together at the end of each month.  I'm hoping that this will also make me realize just how much stuff I'm buying per month, and notice where my money is going.  Instead of it being a nail polish here, a new hair clip there... I want to fully realize how much stuff I'm acquiring so I know when to reign it in.

   This month it's a lot of stuff!  =D

   Oh, but there are other good reasons, too.  I plan on linking from my haul posts to any reviews or swatch posts I may have done for the items.  (Sadly that didn't happen this month... I was very sick with a cold.)  Or, if the item hasn't been featured on the blog already, readers can tell me what they want to see most and I can try to accommodate by posting about those things first.  =)

   So let's get started!  Follow the cut for more pictures and tales of wild Online shopping adventure!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few Hauls & How it's going with ShopRunner

   I'm still testing out my ShopRunner membership and here are the last few small orders I placed with either Drugstore or (or both).  First I had to buy some more of my favorite dry shampoo:

   Aerosol must be shipped ground and thus my order did not qualify for free ShopRunner shipping.  =(  I have not tried the Oscar Blandi Instant Glossing Cream because I'm still using up a trial-sized product of similar effect.  The Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray is genius in a bottle!

   Then I snagged a couple of nail polishes:

   Once again nail polish is full of danger and peril and must be shipped ground, so only my freebie sample of gloss was eligible to be shipped in 2 days by ShopRunner.  (Uh, how is that going to work?)  Layla Magneffect Silver Galaxy has been swatched and blogged about and I highly suggest checking out the post if you haven't already.  Orly Space Cadet is my first Orly polish and wow, huge bottle!

   Then I treated myself during the 20% off Friends & Family-type sale, which made me happy that I skipped the one done by Urban Decay themselves:

   Finally, something that ShopRunner was willing to send to me!  I placed my order around 10-11am, and was surprised when my glosses came the very next day.  I suppose it's because I ordered in the morning but I really was expecting to see them in 2 days, not 1!  These are Urban Decay Lip Junkie Glosses in Red Light and Perversion.

   So in all I liked the fact that when ShopRunner can ship my items it works very quickly, but it's frustrating that so many of the products that I personally want to buy Online are no-goes with them.  Has anyone else signed up for or checked out ShopRunner?  What do you think of it?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great ShopRunner Trial

   Several months ago (in June?) I did a 30-day free trial for ShopRunner, and used it for a few orders.  I decided against keeping (and thus having to pay for) the service, and filled out their questionnaire as to why I was leaving them.  I was recently contacted again by the company with an offer to try it again, this time for a year.  Figuring I had nothing to lose, I've signed up again.

What is ShopRunner, and what good does it do?
   It is a service that offers free 2-day shipping and unlimited free return shipping for participating webstores.  Not all items from these stores will be eligible, and generally what isn't available for ShopRunner is one of the three H's: huge, heavy or hazardous.  The 2-day shipping means business days, and you do have to have your order in by a certain time in the afternoon to get it in exactly 2 days.  Any orders that you place using ShopRunner can be tracked in detail right from your account there.  There are some coupons and discounts offered by the participating stores exclusively to ShopRunner members.  It's not free, and you can choose to pay either by the month or by the year.

What do you like about it?
   Free 2-day shipping is a rare thing.  I'm all for free shipping, and quite often going with ShopRunner means no order minimums to worry about.  It's convenient!  Also, that fact that I'll be able to easily return items is a big plus.  Some stores don't offer free returns, or will even penalize you for making too many returns.  They include a few of my favorite stores, and I'm very intrigued by the fact that Domino's Pizza even partners with them - no home delivery charge if you use ShopRunner!

What could be better?
   More stores to choose from!  ShopRunner is fairly new, so there aren't tons of participating stores yet.  I'm not interested in every single one that they offer free shipping for, either.  Otherwise, it does what is advertised.

Would you recommend it?
   Yes and no.  If you find yourself shopping at even just a few of their stores often and paying for shipping, or despairing over the slow free shipping given, ShopRunner is a good investment for you.  If the items you plan to buy aren't able to be shipped by ShopRunner anyway, though... it does you no good.  I would suggest trying one of their free 30-day memberships to start with, especially when you're coming up on a month when you'll need to buy things Online!  If you do choose to sign up for this please click the image above~
   I will continue to mention when I use (or attempt to use) ShopRunner in the future and review how it performs and whether I feel like it's something valuable to me or not.  Let the Great ShopRunner Trial begin!!

My experience with ShopRunner yesterday:

   I placed an order through - I needed another can of my favorite dry shampoo.  Once I got to checkout I found out that said aerosol product was not eligible for ShopRunner shipping.  I could remove it from my order (along with the free sample of perfume that was not eligible) , and have the other items sent for free.  I opted for the free ground shipping from instead - because I really need more dry shampoo!  ShopRunner was a fail this time, but it tried.