Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunny Layering with L'oreal & Milani

Layering Nail Art / Swatch

   Come on, sunshine!  You're here, you can do it - stay!  Please, please stay... it's so much easier to feel motivated when you're around...  Today I have a simple layering manicure that is bright and cheery!  I managed to knock out 3 untrieds, too!

   All of my nails started with 2 coats of Bananarama Love by L'oreal, which is a yellow jelly polish very a very good formula.  My index and pinky fingers are topped with 2 coats of L'oreal Tweet Me, a (slightly warmer) yellow glass-fleck jelly.  Middle & ring fingers were finished jelly-sandwich style with 1 coat of Milani Sprinkles topped with another coat of Bananarama Love.  On my thumb I did 3 coats of Bananarama Love by itself to show it's true color and coverage.

   Now, obviously none of these polishes are full-coverage, and I do have visible nail line because of that, but it wasn't gross like I was afraid it might be.  Sheer yellow polish can be tricky to pull off and leave you with sickly looking nails if not done properly.  Sometimes "gross yellow" is the fault of the formula, but L'oreal did a fine job with these polishes, so they look great!  Tweet Me has the most gorgeous yellow-to-orange flecks in it, I can't wait to try it over black to see how it pops!

   Under my nails I used Zoya Purity to keep things bright and fresh.  And I can't forget about Milani Sprinkles!  Your now run-of-the-mill matte black 'n white glitter topper that drugstore brands are jumping on thanks to their success in the indie polish market.  I left Sprinkles laying on it's side until I was ready to use it, gave it a bit of a shake and it was ready to go.  No fishing for glitter and only a bit of dabbing for a few spots.  I'm happy with it!

   I had to pose with my beloved Mont Bleu nail file, since it matched!  Both of my files are still in tip-top shape and they are basically all I use to maintain my nails since receiving them in May last year!  (I'm thinking a video tutorial on how I use them sounds great but I'm still wondering how to do that effectively.  Thoughts?)

   Now, all of these polishes I used are older releases, so as for finding them yourself... have fun!  The only website I can point you to with certainty is Zoya's.  I highly doubt they will ever discontinue Purity.

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  1. What a pretty mani! I found Tweet Me at Walgreens on clearance about a month ago. I just love the orange flash in the polish. Great bright sunny color.


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