Monday, January 13, 2014

ILNP: Animal Cookie over Zoya: Rocky

Swatch & Review

   How awesome is this combination of polishes?  ILNP Animal Cookie is one of the first polishes I saw from the brand, and it immediately landed on my wishlist.  It took awhile for me to get it it, but it was worth waiting for!  I used one coat for my swatch, and the glitter spread nicely.  I dabbed a little extra into a few bare spots and then it was perfect.  The mix of white and pink glitters pops over my base of Zoya Rocky.  Rocky is a semi-dusty turquoise blue creme, and I only needed two coats.

Animal Cookie:
  • Finish:  Glitter topper.  Matte, satin and holographic pink glitter with matte white glitter in a clear base.
  • Coverage:  A good 1-coater for layering.  I doubt you could get this opaque by itself, or that it would look good that way.
  • Formula & Application:  No issues!
  • Wear time:  Wore for two days, then removed.  No chips in that time.
  • Removal:  Some of the glitters are larger, so this does take some patience to remove.
  • Overall:  I love it.  =)
  • Perfect for:  Easily creating cute nails.
  • Where to Buy:

  • Finish:  Straight-up creme.
  • Coverage:  A two-coater if you keep your coats nice and even.
  • Formula & Application:  Typical wonderful Zoya creme.
  • Wear time:  Wore for two days, then removed.  No chips in that time.
  • Removal:  Very easy.  (Also, no stains left behind!)
  • Overall:  A must-have color if you love aqua shades!
  • Perfect for:  Bright-but-sophisticated nails.
  • Where to Buy:

   So, did you pick up any Zoya polishes during their big Color 2014 sale?  I must confess I did!  And I can't wait to see what the exclusive code for participating is going to be - what are your theories?

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