Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Color Club: Kismet (and updates)

Swatch & Review

   Today I have swatches of the very pretty Kismet from Color Club's second Halo Hues collection.  Before I gush about this holo I want to give a few updates about what is going on around here, though! Exactly 1 week ago I got a phone call from work saying "hey, we got the return to work note from your doctor, you're on the schedule next week".  Next.  Week.  As in yesterday.  My husband and I were so not expecting that!  We both figured I'd have until the end of January before I was given any hours at work.  So, last week quickly unraveled into hasty baby-sitter planning and me trying desperately to get as much as I could done before Sunday.  Only I didn't get a whole lot done because I mostly made myself depressed and incredibly stressed out.

   Now that everything is done I'm still recovering from my migraine-filled weekend, but work has been fine.  Little Freya does just fine without me for 9 hours, and having to pump breastmilk on my lunch break isn't so bad after all.  Still, this does eat up more of my time.  Until I become a Super Mom who can do it all (ha) I am aiming for a blog post schedule of Wednesdays and Fridays.  If I can manage anything more than that I'll just consider it a happy bonus until it becomes regular.

   So, I currently have Kismet on my nails because I was determined to have my nails properly filed, prepped and painted for my return to work.  I was originally planning some basic nail art but by Sunday night I was running out of time and energy.  So I peeked into my untrieds box and grabbed a Color Club holo.  Holographics seem to be my go-to polish for times that I need my nails done in a hurry.  They dry fast, clean-up is easy and they look amazing all on their own.

   This is two coats of Color Club Kismet, no topcoat.  The linear rainbow effect is far stronger in person!  I don't know what it is about this muted celery-stalk shade that makes it so holo-friendly, but it seems like almost every brand makes a holo this color, and it is always very strong!  I'm super pleased that it is silvery enough to not make my hands look red!  =)

      I know I've said this in my other Halo Hue posts, but I can't get over how good these polishes are for the price.  The formula is nice and even, no issues with dragging or bald spots, and I am still wearing this two days later with only the slightest hint of tip wear!  That is the durability of Kismet polish without topcoat.  Wow.

   And may I also say that I'm so happy that I managed to put in my first two days back at work without breaking any nails?  Because I am happy.  Very happy.  My nails have done so much better in my 4 months off from work.  I hope they can stay this way.

Color Club Kismet:
  • Finish:  Metallic linear holographic.
  • Dries:  Fast.
  • Coverage:  Thin but covers well at 2 coats.  Could do 3 but it wasn't necessary on my nails.
  • Formula & Application:  Wonderful formula, easy to apply.
  • Wear Time:  2 days with no chips is AWESOME for a holo!
  • Removal:  Typical of holos, it is easy to remove.
  • Overall:  I love this polish!  A must-have if you don't already own a color like it.
  • Perfect For:  Sunny days and bright lights.
  • Where to Buy:

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