Friday, April 27, 2012

Blog Hiatus

   To anyone who cares about reading my blog, I suggest you read this post so you know what's going on.

   First off, the last giveaway I held:  Too Faced Goodie Bag Giveaway.  I picked a winner and she responded almost two weeks ago now.  Congratulations to Lisa for winning and many thanks for her being such a good sport about my uncontrollable delay in getting her prizes sent out.  I finally got a chance to update the giveaway post so the widget displays who won, if you want to check it out.

   Some of you may have guessed that something happened to keep me away from the web.  In the case of those who bought or won anything from me, I did at least send off a quick message saying that there was an emergency.  (Huge thanks to friends and family that are doing what they can to help and all of their prayers.  Without those I think we'd be much worse off.)  I have had several family members and family-to-be in and out of the hospital this month.  Last week a severe viral illness hit and I'm still dealing with how that effected my fianc√© and I.  Getting on the computer was one of the last things I did, unless it was to research health care.  Through all of this, we have still had to prepare for our wedding, and try to move into our new house.  Then I broke my toe which further adds to my frustrations.

   That's right, I'm getting married next month..!  Despite my current exhaustion and the depression that comes from having to skip certain things planned for the wedding I'm just plain happy to know that I'll be getting married to the perfect guy for me, and we can hopefully put all these hardships behind us and get to focus on being a happy couple.  To that end, I'll be taking a blogging break.

   I plan to go on hiatus for the entire month of May. 

   This may end up changing to be either shorter or longer but I doubt I'll take off less than May.  We deserve it as a couple, my spiritual routine needs it, evidently my mental and physical health needs it, I'll have a new house to settle into and eventually have to get back to my secular work, as well.  Blogging just doesn't fit into the picture at all.   Not to say that I'll be completely disappearing.  Look for small updates from me through Twitter and Instagram.  I'll reply to comments when I can and keep up with my blog sales, of course.

   Thanks for your readership and understanding.
~ Rochelle / Elle-Hime

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hologlam - Comet's Tail Sparkle (my 1st franken!!)

   Today I'm finally revealing my first ever self-made, or "franken", nail polish!!  So, prepare for lots of pictures because I had a hard time narrowing things down!

   I made this back in January... yes four months ago, and only now got around to trying it because the lack of sunshine made me ignore most of my holographic polishes.  It has a little bit of a story behind it, too!  I made this nail polish for my mother-in-law-to-be, because she really liked my Nfu-Oh holo'd nails.  After its creation I was trying to come up with the right name, and my fiance√©, determined that it had to have "hologram" in the name somehow, coined Hologlam.  I had to admit it was pretty clever, so I'm going with his name choice.

   The polish doesn't require and special base coat to use, so it's a stand-alone item.  I bottled it in these adorable star-shape bottles, which I accented with a pink rhinestone.  A fun fact: these bottle shots are from January, and amongst the very first photos I took of my then-brand-new camera!!  (So, I didn't know what I was doing...)

   Lots of sparkle in there!  But how does it look on the nail?  Well...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stuff to Win! (Post 5) and Stuff I Won!

   First off, I was fortunate enough to win Sirena Sparklestar's 900 Follower Giveaway.  I've actually had my prize for awhile now but didn't get around to posting it.  I always like to share my wins on the blog here to show "look, I did get my prize!", and also leave some link love for the person who gave away the prize.  =)

   I immediately ripped it open to take poor-lighting shots of everything after I came home from work and found it in my mailbox, hehe.

   A Sugarpill palatte!  Yes, their packaging is every bit as high-quality and pretty as I've heard.

   More specifically, the Sugarpill Sweetheart palette!  The colors are brighter in reality.  Not sure if you will see any looks using this from me simply because I stink at doing eyeshadow pictures, but it is really awesome!!

   So...  Thank-you, Sirena Sparklestar!!!   To all my readers, you should check out her blog!  She swatches a lot of pretty nail polish but does reviews for other beauty items as well - kind of like my own blog (but with better pictures).  =)

And now we can move on to the rest of the post...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Revlon Whimsical over China Glaze Kinetic Candy!

   I finally caved and hunted down some of the goodness that is Revlon Whimsical!  Once I had this polish I wanted to wear it right away because I was in the mood for a pastel.  I used 1 coat of China Glaze Kinetic Candy as a base, and them two coats of Whimsical...

   Read on for more pictures and what I think of this polish!