Friday, August 10, 2012

Forget-me-not Nail Art

   Today I have a very easy nail art design to share.  I did these nails several months ago, for a spring nail art contest which I then never submitted the pictures to...  At any rate, I figure they have relevance now as I attempt to breathe new life into my blog.  Consider them a plea not to forget about me!  =P

   I just LOVE these~!!  Ahem.  I had to get that out.  You see, forget-me-nots are one of my most favorite flowers.  =)  And they were easy to mimic since they are a basic 5 petal shape.  The steps I used to make these are after the jump.

  • Start off with a pale base coat (mine was sheer blue), which I topped with a holo microglitter because everything looks good with that...  I used my favorite: China Glaze Fairy Dust
  • Wait for nails to dry
  • Cut small bits of green striping tape and create stems on the nails, using smaller pieces to branch off from the main stem.
  • Use tape or french nail guides to tape off tips, and paint them with a green polish. Mine was China Glaze Four Leaf Clover
  • Cover that green with a green glitter. I used Dare to Wear Disc Jockey because the bars made me think of grass, but it's grass-stain green base doesn't really match FLC... oh well!
  • Take away the tip guides, carefully! They might try to pluck your flower stems.
  • Cover everything with a thick clear coat and press clusters of white and blue flower-shape paillettes, or "spangles" into the wet polish.
  • Finish the nails with lots of top coat to seal in the flowers!

    Here is a shot of the finished nails with flash.  And yes, I used just two colors of flower paillettes.  They all have a iridescent coating on them that shines pinky-purple, which works perfectly as forget-me-nots because they come in all those colors!

   I absolutely loved wearing these and I'd definitely do them again, perhaps in different color variations!  In these colors it makes for a soft and dainty look, but with bright flowers it would be a good summer manicure.

   What do you think?  Would you wear these?

   Like I said before, these were originally for a nail art contest on another blog.  I just focused on doing my nails and then took pictures of them.  Would anyone want to see a step-by-step tutorial, or is the text description above clear enough?

   Also, I will be posting an update of what went on during the big blog hiatus.  I wanted to get a nail post out before everything around here seemed to involve walls of text, though.  ;)

   Thanks for looking!

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  1. Super Adorable, love it hun:)

    Sara xx

  2. Thanks muchly for the comment - I'm glad you do!

  3. Are you a goddess or what???? FANTASTIC!!!!!

  4. Hmm, nope! Just a girl with a whole lot of glitter on her hands! ;D
    Thank-you, though. ^-^

  5. this is completely awesome <3<3

  6. Thanks so much, that means a lot coming from a talented nail artist as yourself! =D


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