Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crackle Nail Polish Gradient

   My computer was "in the shop" recently.  Afterwards I was so busy that I didn't immediately get it all back to where I need to be for proper image editing and blogging.  Basically I've got an awesome new hard drive... but it's still missing some of my most-used programs!  I had to set up my watermark again, and so it is a tiny bit different now.  I found a few old pictures on my camera (from April...) to test it on, and figured I may as well slap them into a blog post.

   How's that for meaningful blogging inspiration?  =D

   The above nails are showing tip wear because I had already worn the mani for two days.  The colors used were Zoya Sweet (pink) and Yummy (blue).  I love them both and have a couple pictures of them without the crackle.  I used China Glaze crackles and the gradient technique should be self explanatory, with the key being layering them properly - check out my really old how-to post to learn how to do this perfectly!

   My nails alternated colors all the way across, so my left hand had a pink bare accent nail (can an accent nail have no art?  I think so!) and my unphotographed right hand's was blue.  Very easy manicure!

   There, a quick little post!  One of my projects is to go through the two SD cards of pictures from this spring and summer, and post the various swatches and manicures I had done.  This is a start!

   A bit of exciting news on the photography front:  I'm finally getting a little tripod for my camera during these close-up polish shots.  My hand is just too shaky on it's own.  I've been meaning to get a tripod for ages, but it's all thanks to my husband that I have one coming in the mail.  Woo!  ♥

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