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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Petites: Galaxy with Nail Art

Swatch / NotD

   The polish I'm showing off today was actually a bonus included with a giveaway prize (way back when) from Shally at The Polished Pixie, so thank-you again to her for picking something that I love so much!  This color is called Galaxy and is from the Petites Color Fever line.

   It might not be what jumps to mind when you then of space, on the nail it does have a sort of galactic quality to it.  The deep red jelly has a slight brownish tint to it, and is filled with light pink microglitter.    It was very easy to work with and fully opaque at 2 coats.  Removal was easy and it didn't leave any stains!  I'd recommend this polish if you like dark colors and subtle sparkle.


   Galaxy was pretty enough on it's own but even better when I added a few nail art stickers.  The effect was very striking and I'm super pleased with the way it turned out.  The two stickers I placed side-by-side created an interesting central accent.  Best of all it was super quick and easy-peasy!

   I used to think that nail art stickers were a kiddy thing to work with, but not anymore!  My hands were feeling pretty regal and fancy in this so-cheap-it's-nearly-free manicure!  =)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Engagement Giveaway Winner!! And My Win!

   This week has been kind of crazy for me...  I'm still getting over a cold, I've been working *all the tiiime*, half the town has lost electricity a couple times this week, and my laptop is not liking the new battery I bought for it as much as I hoped it would.  =/

   My selection of a giveaway winner ended up being very delayed and I feel bad about that.  Without further ado, I'm happy to say that the winner of my Great Engagement Giveaway is...

   I was very happy to hear back from her and she will be pitching in on shipping the prize since she lives in the UK.  She has shown that she fulfilled the forth rule of the giveaway which was "Be happy and excited!!"  ;D  I'm trying to get some other polishes from her wishlist so there will be more in the package making that long journey overseas, haha.

   Thank you to everyone who entered and for all the kind comments and tweets I've been getting!  I wish I had enough nail polish to go around to all you wonderful fans.  =)  ...Well, then again, my collection does keep growing...