Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summertime Goals

   Summer wasn't a day late in my neighborhood.  June 21st was warm, sunny, and came with the realization that we have just three months until fall comes, and a brand-new household member arrives!  I'm due Sept 21st, the last day of summer.  So, I'd better get stuff done now!  Thus the inspiration for this post.  Oh sure, there is a crib to set up, a picnic table to paint, things like that.  But these goals are more things to work on summer-long, rather than a summer-day project.

In no particular order, I'd like to...

Have a Healthy Pregnancy (and Baby!)

   I've been blessed with an easy pregnancy so far.  Seriously: regular weight gain, no morning sickness, no absurd cravings, no wild mood swings or fluid retention, etc.  Mainly I've had to realize that I need to slow down a little bit.  I'm eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting my rest.  Between that and starting off my pregnancy in good health (no habits I had to break) I seem to be in good (if rounder) shape.  But the closer I get to the end the more careful I'll have to be about knowing my limitations.

Establish a Better Nail Routine

   At the start of the year my poor cuticles about went to pieces because I wasn't moisturizing them properly.  The weather might have lost winter's dryness but they still need a boost overnight.  I found that my cotton bedtime gloves have an added benefit in the summer: by wearing them I can't scratch open mosquito bites in my sleep!

Use My Untrieds

   Nail polish, eyeshadow, mascara...  I've accumulated a bunch of pretty little things and still haven't gotten around to trying them all.  Rather than buying more new things, I'm focusing on working with what I have on hand this summer.  So far it's going well!

Write More Reviews

   I've got more potential blog content than I know what to do with, and products that I've been using and loving for over a year that I really want to share on my blog.  I'm hoping to use some of my "mama feet-up time" to get those reviews done.

Get Out

   And about.  My husband and I took a wonderful spring vacation, so no big trips are needed.  But I want to get my share of nature before I'm totally focused on a newborn.  I'm also hoping to go swimming regularly; that will be good for me!  Now is going to be the easiest time (for a long time) to get out and do my volunteer ministry work, so I'll be doing that as much as possible, too!

Take More Pictures

   Not only do I need to take more pictures of the times I spend with friends and family, but I need to share the good ones, too.  Print out actual physical copies to share or frame.  Make more little keepsakes that I can remember my second year of marriage by and show the kid "look, here is your Dad and I putting your crib together!"  ;P

   Those are just a handful of things I'm working on in the next few months.  What about you?  Any fun projects, or something that you're taking advantage of sunny weather to do?

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