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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leapday, Giveaway Winners!

   Hi everyone!  What are you doing with your extra day this year?  I have been joking that it was good to get engaged this month because I have an extra day for planning wedding stuff, but in truth I think I'd need a leapweek to feel like it was making any difference!

   Anyway - my quickie giveaway for the Timeless Trend calendars has just ended today, so I went ahead and found the winners...  Rafflecopter has spoken!!

   Congratulations to Ashley and Shalon!!

   As always I have to share the winner's blogs with you!  Ashley's blog is new to me, and I'm happy to say that I'm her Follower #25!  =)  I suggest going to check out:
   From what I have seen this girl has great nails and takes useful step-by-step pictures.  She does a variety of nail art, from basic layering to stamping and hand-painting.

   I sort of smiled to myself when Rafflecopter picked Shalon, because we've known each other via our blogs for quite awhile now, and I have won giveaways held by her.  She is one of my original followers!  Definitely go check her blog out:
   Shalon does reviews and shares all kind of nail polish on her blog!  She is one of the sweetest and kindest bloggers I've met in my travels Online.

   As for everyone else who joined, thank-you so much for following me!  I checked all the entries and every single entry was valid - wow!  Generally I find a few people who put in totally blank entries... which I don't know how that will help anyone if their number is drawn... but what I'm trying to get at is that it was great that so many people really wanted to give these little calenders a home!  It has been great meeting all of my new followers.  =)

  Both of my winners responded within the hour so these calenders are officially given away and they should be out in tomorrow's mail.  This giveaway is closed.  There is still a bit over 10 days to go on my Engagement Giveaway, so if you nail polish is your thing, consider entering!    Have a great "extra" day~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leapyear Giveaway! Win a Timeless Trends Calendar!

   What's cooler than February having 29 days?  How about a giveaway ending on that 29th day?  And what if that giveaway had two winners?  And the giveaway prizes were Thirteen Months of Beautiful Corsets calendars?  Well, I gotta say that would be pretty cool, and fortunately I am indeed hosting this giveaway so you won't be really disappointed in my opening statements!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Timeless Trends Overbust Corset - Picture Review

Shown above: Timeless Trends White Satin Overbust Corset
As always you can click my pictures to see them larger!

   Last month I was browsing through the Timeless Trends website, when it occurred to me that "hey, maybe I should try one of their overbust corsets".  I already own one of their underbusts and it is a great corset for the price.  I contacted their customer service (which is very helpful), and confirmed that I was going to be trying the correct size.  I placed my order and had the corset a few days later.  Here is my review of this off-the-rack corset!