Here are things that I'm looking for, will trade for, etc.  Not always updated, but I try.  In fact, the last update on this page happened... Oct 7th, 2013!
  • Items with a ♥ by the name mean I really want them!

LAVANILA - Vanilla Spice (by Lavanila Labs)

Nail Polish: 
 - I ♥ "Big 3 Free" formulas and Cruelty Free brands
 - Pretty much anything holographic.
 - Magnetic polishes.
 - Duochromes and multichromes are always cool, too.
 - Flakies and unique glitters.
 - I wear neutral and cool toned colors.
 - I will almost always accept new bottles of fast-drying top coats!
 - New bottle of: Qtica Stimulating Nail Growth Treatment, Orly Bonder, Gelous base coat

Candy Lacquer:
Snow Cone

China Glaze:
 - I ♥ their mini bottles!
Peachy Keen
Towel Boy Toy
the Fight Like a Woman Collection
 - New In 2012:
Def Defying
 - New In 2013:
Dandy Lyin' Around
Fade Into Hue
Sunday Funday
Tart-y For The Party

Different Dimension (on Etsy!):
Dueling Unicorns
Squarey Hexy

Fashionista (from SuperMart in the UK?):
Magnetism Nail Lacquer - RED / The Saturdays "Rochelle"

Glitter Gal:
10 To Midnight
Bondi Blue (or Blue, H706)
Brain Freeze (or Black, H701)
Bruised Ego (or Dark Purple, H702)
Code Red (or Red, H704)
Flawless Pink (or Fuchsia, H703)
Light As A Feather ♥

I♥NP / I Love Nail Polish:
Animal Cookie
Don't Trample My Roses
Glass Slipper
Little Mermaid
Neutron Starlette
Northern Lights

Looking for the "Jelly Syrup" colors - offer any! ♥

Confetti Fun
Is That Silva?
Pirouette My Whistle ♥
Planks A Lot ♥
Skull & Glossbones ♥
Sparrow Me The Drama
Steady As She Rose

Picture Polish:
White Wedding


Other Stuff: 

Gift Cards (in any amounts) to:
Forever 21
Sephora (that can be used Online)

Too Faced: 
   The Limited Edition green-handled Flatbuki brush from Too Faced!