Cashback & Coupons

Each shopping session should start with these few things!

First find your store's website here:
This is one of my most-used bookmarks, as ev'reward is a database of all Online stores that offer cashback. Is it not there?  Sadly, that business does not offer cash back.  If it does have a listing on, you will be shown a list of competing cashback sites.  You'll be able to pick which site to use based on their cashback rate.

You need to make accounts at sites like these:

Mr. Rebates
Yes, they really do work, and there aren't any catches.  I use them all the time!

And you should check for coupon (or "promo") codes, or special offers:
Even if a site doesn't offer cashback, check to see if they have any active codes.  They are not always listed on the site you want to buy from.  Ev'reward usually lists the most recent active codes, but I personally suggest the above sites, as well.  Oftentimes codes stack with the cashback you will be earning.  Click-through offers may not work with cashback.

Consider making an account at the store's site.
Besides offering services like faster checkout, order tracking, and wishlists, some websites have promotions of %'s off your first order, or giving you a custom coupon code to use later, or earning points that can be used like money on future orders or used to earn free items.  You can receive E-mails of new coupon codes and exclusive offers for the site as they come out.  If the store is both Online and has brick-and-mortar locations, some offers will extend to their retail stores.  Handy!

In a closing note, if you don't have an account at any of the above cashback sites please click the image in this page to go to the site and sign up - I really appreciate it because it helps me earn referrals.  Thank-you!  ♥